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#1 2006-10-21 20:55:15


College for a commuter

Hey guys, my name is Diana. I'm currently a sophmore at NYU in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am a biology major, while being in the 7-year dentistry program Among the things that has actually ended up helping me stick college out is the fact that I still live at home. I live in Brooklyn and commute for 45 minutes to get to class every day. I went to Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, Queens, so I was used to commuting for an hour to get to school. Even though it may seem inconvenient, I am actually able to get more work done than my friends that live in the dorms. The dorms are a sort of distraction,and I am glad that I am able to focus on my work on a day to day basis. The work load that I currently have is rather large, and let me tell you that organic chemistry is definately not a walk in the park. The thing that gets me through all the hard work is knowing that I will be able to escape the fate that my peers were subjected to.

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#2 2006-11-02 10:51:48

Re: College for a commuter

Hey Diana! dorms are indeed a distraction even for commuters ;-). however, I wonder what fate you are talking about?? failure? idk personally, i am dreading the application process to med school...if i were in a 7 year program i wouldnt have to worry as much :-D. Lucky you :-).



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