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#26 2007-07-09 17:47:44


Re: Interested in Harvard?

Hi Raquel,

It's me Mayra again, I was just wondering since I got my results for an AP test I took, and I didn't do as good as I had hoped for. I had an A in the class but I did really bad on the test, does this hurt my chances at getting into Harvard? Do the AP test scores have a big impact on deciding whether or not I am accepted into a college?




#27 2007-07-11 21:13:18


Re: Interested in Harvard?

Hey Mayra,

AP scores are not required as part of your admissions application, although you may include them. Just because you did not do as well as you would've liked doesn't mean that you will no longer be considered for admission.

There are many high schools that do not even offer AP courses.

However, it is always helpful to show colleges that you took classes that challenged you based on what your high school had to offer. -- It's great that you're taking AP courses. The scores do not necessarily reflect how well you will do in the subject matter outside of the testing environment.

Remember, your academic strength is only one aspect of the application. Colleges seem to be looking for well rounded people. So don't stress out if your AP scores are not what you wanted.

Hope you're having a great summer!




#28 2008-01-20 08:18:04


Re: Interested in Harvard?


I am a junior and Harvard is my number one school; however, i don't know if my stats are good enough to get me in. Would you mind sharing your stats (SAT's, gpa, AP scores, etc) so i could see if I have a chance? Your other responses have been very helpful. Thank you.

~ gravely2007



#29 2008-01-21 00:48:53


Re: Interested in Harvard?

Hello gravely2007,

You do not need to have specific statistics in order to get into Harvard.  I have heard from people anywhere from perfect scores to 1900 and so on (this is a pretty big range, and certainly may be bigger).  You hardly hear people boasting about their scores, which shows you a lack of pretentiousness.  GPA is not very helpful because different high schools have different scales; in this case, your class rank is helpful.  Harvard has a scale where valedictorians and salutitorians get top scores, then points assigned to certain percentages (like top 10%, and such), and bothering about one more point may not necessarily make you more impressive in the eyes of the admissions committee.  As for AP Scores, 4's and 5's help, BUT they are kind of extra academic records and doing bad on them does not necessarily hurt you.

Hope this helps.



#30 2008-05-03 19:13:33


Re: Interested in Harvard?


I got a 25 on my ACT. Do you think I need to retake the ACT in order to get into Harvard?  I was also wondering, does Harvard have a good pre-medicine program?

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