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#1 2006-12-03 20:13:50


A Question Concerning Admission....

Hi, my name is Simone. My question deals with the religious faith one has. What if someone is not a continual practioner in going to church, does that count against him/her if they plan to attend the college? Thank you



#2 2007-06-25 11:32:11

Associate Director of Admissions

Re: A Question Concerning Admission....

Hello Simone,

You ask an excellent question. Calvin is a Christian college where faith is an important component of the student experience, especially in the classroom where our professors share their faith. Students are challenged to articulate their own personal worldview and consider how their faith shapes their learning.

Calvin is not a place, however, that requires students to sign a particular statement of faith or attend compulsory chapel services. We want to come along side you in growing an ownership of your own faith, but we won't tell you how to be a Christian.

I'd love to have a further conversation about this with you. Please consider coming for a visit, or calling for more information: 1-800-688-0122.

In Christ,

Noah Kruis



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