Ventures Scholars Program Feedback

The Ventures Scholars Program provided an end-of-year survey to undergraduate Ventures Scholars. Ventures Scholars provided the following information:

Ventures Scholars Program Biweekly E-Newsletter
Undergraduate Ventures Scholars receive a biweekly e-newsletter that provides them with information about upcoming events and activities, graduate/ professional school, math and science careers, scholarship information and much more! Here's what some of the undergraduate Ventures Scholars have to say about the biweekly e-newsletters:

  • The newsletter haws been very helpful not only to myself, but my parents as well. It kept informed on important information need in my college planning.
  • Yes, the newsletter has been very helpful providing useful information financial aid and scholarships and on careers in math and science.
  • Programs that are being started for young minority children. I am really passionate about this and I hope to get programs started locally here in KY and then go nation wide.
  • The e-newsletter has been quite helpful in providing me with sources of advice for issues I face as an undergraduate minority going into a health profession. I would like to see more variety and student input on the topics in the newsletter.
  • The newsletter has been extremely helpful. I have been able to research many fields in medicine that I can go into with a biology degree. I am thankful to know all of my options outside of medical school. The study tips and internship listings have been helpful as well.
  • The newsletters have been very helpful. Most of the newsletters that contained scholarship(s) information helped out the most. For the ones that pertained to me, I applied for. And for the ones that didn't apply to me I forwarded to some of my friends in hopes that they might apply for it. At the moment I can\'t think of anything else the newsletters should include but I'll be sure to let you all know if I think of something. Thanks for all of your help.
  • It's been helpful because it gives you advice on what to do in order to be successful!
  • I really like the e-newsletter because it allows me to access articles that are of interest to me. It was also very useful in researching different research programs for the summer.
  • I am very pleased at how I am always updated with information about different careers in science fields. It is helpful to know how many opportunities there are out there. Through the newsletter I can easily find links to articles or other sites regarding information that I find interesting. The E-Newsletter also kept me in line as to the different phases I should be in during high school. It was a helpful timeline by which I managed my scholarship applications, college research, and college applications.
  • Yes, I suppose that the newsletter has been hopeful in informing me about potential programs to maybe look into applying to in the future, if my average ever gets better. Summer programs and also a few graduate programs in medicine and the allied health professions. I was also looking into possible summer scientific research opportunities. Also, articles on study skills tips and so on.
  • Yes. I have been able to keep up to date with the different programs/events.
  • The newsletters offer lots of information about careers, some I may not have considered like the nursing field. These letters keep students up to date on the real world.
  • The e-newsletter is somewhat helpful. It provides tips and answers to questions that most college students sometimes don't know the answer to.
  • "The newsletter actually rings a lot of ideas and opportunities that are not available at USF currently. Thus the information has been very helpful.
  • The e-newsletter is extremely helpful for me! I enjoy all of the information, opportunities, and advice that are offered -- a lot of these things, I wouldn't have thought of myself.
  • You informing me about things that are going on and topics that are close to the field that I am pursuing is helpful.
  • I can easily find information that helps me in my thinking about future college choices and careers. Thank you for doing an excellent job.
  • Because I have learned about career paths for my major and summer programs I can participate in.
  • I think the newsletter is good to have. It provides a lot of information about possible career choices for science majors. One of the last newsletters had two articles from minority graduate students. This was very helpful in that it told me the ends and outs of graduate school and ways to be successful. There should definitely be more articles like these. Though I was able to request websites to help me with the graduate process, there should be more information on the planning early for graduate school process in the newsletter.
  • I have found the biweekly e-newsletter helpful. For example, this February I applied to the Public Health Summer Fellows Program at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, after finding out about the program through one of the biweekly e-newsletters. Although I was not accepted into this summer\'s program, I am looking forward to applying to this program next year.
  • I've enjoyed the articles linked too on time management. Some of the most critical things I've found that I needed to learn of this first year that I looked into was the time management, study tips, and it would be nice to have motivational quotes. The quote you feature with every newsletter is a nice though. I\'m currently subscribed to two different quote sources for my e-mail and it\'s awesome to have them every day
  • It could just be me, but I enjoy helpful phrases that point me in the right direction. Also, a featured scholarship section in the newsletter would be nice. And I also enjoyed the newsletter when it was in e-mail format, consider having e-mail and web page format. E.g. you can click the link in the e-mail to read the newsletter on the web page or you can read it in the e-mail. Last, it might be beneficial in a situation of information overload for those receivers of the newsletter who are busy to have it instead of biweekly, monthly. Just a though, see if others feel the same before even thinking of changing. Have a great day! :)
  • It's been helpful in letting me know where opportunities for scholarships, internships and conferences are. And the tips they provide are somewhat helpful.
  • "Yes, especially the study aids and advertised opportunities. Info that I would like to see in the newsletter is advice or comment from actual people in either in science and med careers now, or in grad or med school. That would be an interesting perspective.
  • Yes it has been helpful. When I receive information that relates to me and my concentration then it gives me some pointers and extra information. I even sent one to my brother who is interested in dental schools.
  • I love the information about careers that is on the web site.

Targeted Emails to Undergraduate Ventures Scholars
Member professional associations are invited to send targeted emails about programs, resources and opportunities. The Ventures Scholars Program also sends biweekly updates to remind Ventures Scholars about events and activities.

  • The targeted emails have been very helpful to me in providing information about specific opportunities I may be eligible to take part in.
  • I am helped by the emails and updates because they are prompt and keep me actively aware and participating in Ventures Scholars activities.
  • Weekly updates that include timelines as to what I should be doing each year of undergraduate study are very helpful especially when they are based on a certain graduate study.
  • They are very helpful. I like the bi-weekly thing. Since my workload has been heavy, I don\'t get on the computer much. The bi-weekly thing helped out because the times I did get on the computer I didn't have to worry about having 400 e-mails; but most importantly I notified of things at a good time.
  • I love having updates right at my fingertips. It seems that the emails always have an interesting subject.
  • The emails are useful when they contain my interests and career goals.
  • I found some very useful and interesting information on the role of a physician assistant in one targeted email. Any email information that I find about veterinary medicine I like to forward to one of my nieces, who will be entering high school in the fall and is interested in potentially pursuing that career.
  • I like the biweekly updates just as much as the newsletter. They keep you tuned in to the things that are happening on a consistent basis
  • The e-mails are helpful. It gives me an idea at what I can do after graduation.
  • The targeted emails work well too. I received one about undergraduate research during the summer. Even though I did not receive this opportunity it has me thinking about going to graduate school and doing research.

Ventures Scholars E-Buddy Program
Undergraduate Ventures Scholars are provided with an opportunity to e-communicate with high school and undergraduate Ventures Scholars. Here's what undergraduate Ventures Scholars have to say about the E-Buddy Program:

  • I enjoy this program thoroughly. I think it's a great idea to match peers with peers. I also enjoyed communicating with high school scholars and letting them know about my experiences when I first started coming to college. I think it\'s a great idea because sometimes these are first-generation college students and have no one to go to for advice (school counselors don\'t usually know everything there is to know) and so communicating with someone around your same age is very helpful.
  • It would be great to have an E-Buddy program between undergraduate scholars and first-year graduate or medical students at various universities, similar to the undergraduate-high school program.
  • I used the E-Buddy e-mail system to ask a undergrad Venture about a college I was interested in.
  • Yes, this program seems to still be in its "infancy", but has a tremendous potential.
  • I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! Although I wasn't able to fully participate, I believe that I answered some questions to the best of my ability and helped out some incoming Freshmen. (Obvious I helped others and didn't really seek assistance from other Ventures Scholars)
  • When I was a high school student the e-buddies program helped me choose which university I wanted to attend.
  • I was able to correspond with a couple of high school scholars who had questions about undergraduate school and majors. I would like to think that I have been helpful to those students. The buddy program can be a very useful resource for those students who take advantage of it
  • This is a great program. Through the program I talk to 3 high school students and help them answer questions about college. I really liked this program.
  • I think the program is great it just needs some additional retooling. I chatted with a few high school and other undergraduate Venture Scholars. I think that it might help if there was a formal buddy system used or some other interaction/program for the Venture Scholars to network with one another.

VSP Web Site
Undergraduate Ventures Scholars can visit the VSP Web site and access information about member institutions, math and science careers, scholarships and more! Here's what some of the undergraduate said about the VSP Web site:

  • The website is irreplaceable. There is nothing else like it for helping students who lack strong secondary school guidance counselors (the majority of us).
  • I was glad to be able to see the people that are coming to my school next year.
  • I find the links to additional information about careers, internships, and specific information about my field very informative and helpful.
  • Thank you so much for this program. I appreciate all your work put into this program. Although I have only used a portion of the vast resources available on your website, I always know where I may turn to for helpful and practical information. I especially enjoy the website links to further information.
  • The website is very user friendly, and welcoming. The things on the homepage are very self-explanatory, so when surfing, you almost never run into a problem figuring out which link to click to go where you want to be.
  • The website has been only been visited about 5 times by myself. It contains helpful information for many people who have heard about Ventures for the first time and are interested in joining.

Additional Comments
Undergraduate Ventures Scholars have provided additional comments about the Ventures Scholars Program:

  • I find the Ventures Scholars Program to be very helpful and an integral part of my current success.
  • It has helped me to receive valuable tools as to how to look to people who have been where I am now, and to help others to do the same as I prepare to become a physician.
  • The Ventures Scholars Program has helped me by giving me advice towards college and to keep on thinking about college!
  • It has helped me in becoming secure with nursing as my career choice.
  • The program has been beneficial in contacting schools of interest and contacting other venture students. The program has also been beneficial in looking up scholarships.
  • The Ventures Scholars Program has helped me just by allowing me to be a member. It serves as a guide for those students are learning about the scholarship and college process on their own. It has helped me, as a first generation college student, throughout the last few years by giving me a view into that mystery surrounding the transition from high school to college and I hope it continues to be there for me throughout the future.
  • The Ventures Scholars Program has helped me by recognizing me when I was just a sophomore in high school (I believe) as a worthy individual who happens to be a minority student of color interested in one day pursuing a career in either the sciences or in health and medicine. I was doing a lot of scientific research early on, while still in high school, but I found my transition to college no easy task, and nobody has exactly jumped up to provide an English major with lower-than-average science grades with scientific research opportunities.
  • Thank you so much for everything. I have found the Ventures Scholars Program a great asset in my educational career and in my search for what career to enter after receiving a college degree. Words cannot express my gratitude for this wonderful program. I am going to miss this program after completing my undergraduate degree. I wish there was an additional portion of the Ventures Scholars Program for students transitioning from a baccalaureate degree institution into a graduate degree institution, at least for the first year while earning a graduate degree.
  • I've enjoyed some of the quotes you've featured in the past on the e-mail newsletters. Overall, the time management and study help is appreciated for students such as myself this freshman year. Time can be a tough thing to manage with so many things that can be done. Thanks for the Ventures Scholars Program!
  • It has helped me to not miss opportunities that I would have otherwise not known about. (e.g. summer internships and scholarships). With the internships, I hope that as the years progress, there be a wider range and variety of the types of internships that are listed.
  • It was useful in high school and now it is useful in college. I am very grateful to be a member.




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