Learning and Study Skills

As an undergraduate Ventures Scholar, you will continually need to strengthen your time management and study skills.  These sites provide information that specifically target undergraduate students.

Please check back for updated information.

Study Skills and Exams
A great site for study skills, revision, exam & learning support .

Study Skills Self-help Information
A great site on time management, improving test performance, improving reading comprehension, improving concentration and memory, and study skills inventory.

The CalREN Project Study Tips
When to study, seven day procrastination plan, techniques to manage procrastination, learning by listening, effective listening, test-taking tips, taking essay tests, taking problem solving tests, taking objective tests, and other study strategy tips.

The Unabridged Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection
Student counseling centers often educate through informational pamphlets on various topics. The commercially-available options are limited, however, particularly in the specialized topics relevant to students. A counseling center can produce its own pamphlets, but that is a costly undertaking. An innovative alternative is the sharing of virtual pamphlets on the World-Wide Web.

College Prep: Learning How to Learn
Freshmen sometimes find their first exams do not go well. They could use some study pointers but may think that help is for laggards only.

Listed below are the ten sites we feel are best in terms of presentation and legibility. Much of the information is similar, but is presented in different ways.

Learning Strategies Center at Cornell
Find out how to manage your time, read effectively, prepare for exams, reduce stress, reduce procrastination, read rapidly and much more. Maximize your potential. Improve your study skills today! Find out the best ways to study biology, chemistry, physics, economics and mathematics. Get the information you need to get the most out of your studies.

Study Skills: Getting the Most Out of Lectures, Tutorials and Practicals
Settling into the culture of learning at University can be difficult whether you have come straight from school, from an employment situation or from other educational establishments such as Further Education Colleges. Classes are large, sometimes over full and it can be hard to get to know people. Going to practical classes helps you to meet people because you are usually working in pairs or small groups where it is easier to introduce yourself. Tutorial groups are also helpful because again you are working with smaller groups of students.


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