Congratulations! You are now an undergraduate Ventures Scholar. To continue your free membership with the Ventures Scholars Program, please remember to update your on-line registration form at the end of every semester.  If you cannot locate your username and password, please contact webmaster@ventures.org.

Services Offered to Undergraduate Ventures Scholars

As an undergraduate Ventures Scholar, you are provided with a variety of services.

  • Your name be continued to be shared with the Ventures Scholars Program Consortium,  a membership of professional schools, graduate schools and professional associations interested in helping you achieve your career goals.
  • You will receive a biweekly e-mail newsletter for undergraduate Ventures Scholars that provides continuously updated information on a broad array of topics about math- and science-based careers and the graduate/professional school planning process.
  • You will be able to access the Ventures Scholars Program message board, listserv, and support services that connect you to Ventures Scholars Program consortium members and other high school and undergraduate Ventures Scholars nationwide.
  • You will receive invitations from Consortium members to attend conferences, regional seminars, lectures, open houses, recruitment fairs and other events.
  • You will have access to the Ventures Scholars Program staff via phone and email.
  • When you graduate from college, you will be asked to join the Ventures Scholars Program Alumni Club. 

Updating Registration with the Ventures Scholars Program
Every semester, please update your on-line registration form. Your updated information will help us link you to resources and will provide important information about you to the Ventures Scholar Program consortium members.



courtesy of Rochester Institute of Technology
"I am greatly honored to be a part of the Ventures Scholars Program. Being a part of the program has caused many colleges and universities to acknowledge my academic excellence as a Venture Scholar." –- A Ventures Scholar
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