Member Graduate and Professional School Information

As early as your freshman year, you should begin thinking about  graduate or professional school.  Many graduate or professional programs have specific requirements.  You might consider contacting the member graduate and professional schools to learn about entrance requirements.

Link to the member graduate and professional school Web sites and access the member graduate and professional school contact information on the left hand side of this section.  Remember, when you contact the member institutions, mention that you are a Ventures Scholar.

To learn about the graduate or professional school application process, please go to the resource link in this section.

Questions to ask Graduate or Professional Schools
Make sure you check the website of the school before calling, many of the answers will be found on the admissions Web site.

  • Do you have a program in…? (specify exactly what type of program you are interested in)
  • How do I apply? Do I apply to the graduate/professional school and the individual department? Find out all the information you need to send the graduate/professional school: Application, fee, test scores, transcript(s), letters of recommendation, written essay(s).
  • How many students applied for the program last year, and how many were accepted?
  • What is the range of test (GRE, MCAT, DAT) scores that you consider for acceptance into your program?
  • What is the range of GPA’s that you consider for acceptance?
  • What is the application deadline?
  • What is the application deadline for financial aid?
  • Are there any current graduate/professional students that I could talk with?
  • Do you have a description of your individual department? What type of facilities do you have?
  • Do you have a list of faculty that teach in the department and their areas of interest?
  • What is the ratio of faculty to students?
  • Does the individual department have a student organization?
  • Would experience in the field prior to entering graduate/professional school enhance my chances of
  • How are advisors selected and assigned to graduate/ professional students? Do I need to be matched with a specific professor to be accepted into the program?
  • What opportunities are there for students to interact with faculty outside of the classroom?
  • Does the school have the enrollment option that meets my needs?
  • Does the program provide me with ongoing professional development and opportunities?
  • What type of financial assistance is available from the school?
  • How does the school compare nationally with other schools?



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