VSP Services for Undergraduate Ventures Scholars

The Ventures Scholars Program provides a variety of ways for undergraduate Ventures Scholars to learn about resources and opportunities as well as link to consortium members and other Ventures Scholars. 

Consortium Member Information

VSP Website

VSP Biweekly E-Newsletter

Supplemental Questionnaire to Member Institutions/Associations

Listserv and Message Board

VSP E-Buddy Welcome Program

Questions Answered by VSP Consortium and Staff

Consortium Member Information
You can communicate with undergraduate institutions, professional associations and graduate/professional schools. Members also receive information about our Ventures Scholars and send you information about their programs and opportunities.

  • Undergraduate Institutions
    You might consider tranferring to another institution. Click here to learn about hundreds of member colleges and universities and to access their contact information.

  • Professional Associations
    Do you want to ask a question about a math- or science-based career? Call or email our professional association members. Click here to learn about the professional association members and to contact a professional association representative.

  • Graduate and Professional Schools
    If you are thinking about your long range plan and have questions about graduate and professional schools, click here to access member graduate and professional school contact information.

Ventures Scholars Program Web Site
You and your family members can obtain extensive information about our consortium members and college planning, career planning, graduate and professional school planning process. Remember to visit the VSP On-line Resource Center.

Biweekly E-Newsletter
You will receive a biweekly e-newsletter that offers information about consortium members, college and career planning, research opportunities, fellowship opportunities, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities.

Supplemental Questionnaire to Member Institutions/Associations

In every e-newsletter, Ventures Scholars are offered an opportunity to to complete a form that will enable them to share additional information about themselves. This information is emailed to all of our member graduate/professional schools so the admissions representatives can learn about your academic and extracurricular accomplishments.

Listserv and Message Board
The listserv and message board provides a venue for high school and undergraduate Ventures Scholars to discuss issues and concerns with other Ventures Scholars across the country. You will be need to go the Scholar Login section to register for this service.

VSP E-Budy Welcome Program

In the fall and the spring, we invite high school and undergraduate Ventures Scholars to register for the VSP E-Buddy Welcome Program.


  • Undergraduate Ventures Scholars are invited to email high school Ventures Scholars and share their opinions and advice about the college or career planning process.
  • Graduating high school Ventures Scholars can contact undergraduate Ventures Scholars at institutions they will be attending in the fall.
  • Undergraduate Ventures Scholars can communicate with other undergraduate Ventures Scholars who share similar career majors or who attend the same institution.

Please make sure we have your updated email address on the online registration form. We will send you notification about when the fall and spring program begins.


Ventures Scholars Program Staff
If you have a question, please feel free to email Ventures Scholars Program (webmaster@ventures.org) if you have a question. We will help you find an answer!


courtesy of Rochester Institute of Technology
"Ventures gave me the confidence to speak to these admissions officers at the colleges and get many of my questions answered." –A Ventures Scholar
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