Scholarship Program Administrators

2007 Sam Walton COMMUNITY Scholarship

Instructions for Applying Online
After reviewing the information below, use the following link and access key to begin the online application process:       
Access Key: SWCS

If you begin your application online and find you need to stop, you will be able to return to complete the process or make changes by logging back into the system. Information for each section is only saved once you select the ‘Save and Continue' key within that section.

You will be requested to provide the following information online:

--First and Last Name
--Social Security Number
--Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
--Permanent Mailing Address
--Home Phone Number
--Permanent E-mail Address
--Father's/Legal Guardian's Name
--Father's/Legal Guardian's Social Security Number
--Mother's/Legal Guardian's Name
--Mother's/Legal Guardian's Social Security Number
--Type of Institution
--Degree Sought
--High School Name
--High School City
--High School State   
--High School Cumulative GPA
--Expected High School Graduation Date
--Class Rank
--Class Size
--ACT-Composite (if available)
--SAT-Critical Reading (if available)
--SAT-Math (if available)
--SAT-Written (if available)
--Number of Honors, International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement classes (if applicable)
--College State/Name/Major
--Household Adjusted Gross Income
--Number in the household (parents/legal guardians and dependent children)
--Number of dependents attending college in the fall
--Number of dependents not in household and supported by this income
--Additional Financial Circumstances
--School/Extracurricular Activities (if applicable)
--Community/Volunteer Service (if applicable)
--Work Experience (if applicable)

Once all information has been entered:

•  Ensure all your information is correct; make any changes if necessary.

•  Print the Cover Page which will include the Completion Check List on the Final Instruction page. The Cover Page is required for the application process in order for the submission to be complete.

•  Complete each step on the final instructions.

•  Make an extra copy of all your documents and keep for your personal records.

•  Mail your application with all supporting documents postmarked by January 12, 2007 to: Scholarship Program Administrators c/o Sam Walton Community Scholarship , P.O. Box 22117, Nashville, TN  37202-2117.

•  All documents must arrive in the same package for the submission to be considered complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Documents forwarded to any address other than the one provided will not be forwarded and disqualified as incomplete.

To Make Changes to Your Application :
--Return to and click the ' APPLY for a new scholarship ' link.

--Using Login Option 2, enter your access key ( SWCS ), Application Identification Number and name to re-enter the application process.

----Click on each tab until you reach the section that needs to be corrected or updated; make changes as necessary and print a new Cover Page for your records.

--You do not have to resubmit paperwork unless there is a change in test scores or class rank and/or size, prior to the postmark deadline .

More information regarding this scholarship program is available by contacting Scholarship Program Administrators, Inc. at one of the following:

Phone: 866-851-3372
Fax: 615-523-7100

 Access Key: SWCS


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