Scholarship Program Administrators


If you begin your application online and find you need to stop, you will be able to return to complete the process or make changes if necessary. Information for each section is only saved once you select the ‘continue' key within that section.

You will be requested to provide the following information online:

--First and Last Name
--Permanent mailing address
--Phone number
--Permanent E-mail address
--Ethnic/racial description (optional)
--Household Adjusted Gross Income (optional)
--High School Name
--High School City
--High School State
--High School Principal
--A summary of your education plans and career goals
--A Criteria Statement addressing the following three areas:


•  Describe how you have organized, motivated, guided or directed others and give specific examples of your most significant leadership activities in your community or school.

•  Use examples that show continuing leadership, not just brief, single experiences.

Obstacles Overcome

•  Identify the most significant personal difficulties, challenges or disadvantages you have faced.

•  Describe in detail how you overcame the obstacle(s), including how you made the most of the opportunities, resources and support available to you from your community, school or family to help you in overcoming them.

•  Your obstacle(s) may be economic, emotional, social, physical or geographic.

Community Service

•  Describe two of the most significant unpaid volunteer activities you have participated in by the date of your application. Community service projects may end after the program deadline as long as you started the community service prior to the program deadline.

•  Describe your specific duties/responsibilities in each activity as well as your specific accomplishments or the results you achieved.

•  Keep in mind that the judges are interested in your most significant activities that illustrate your ongoing commitment to community service. Therefore, brief or one-time only experiences should carefully be considered before deciding to include them.

•  If you discuss two community service activities, please use one paragraph for each activity and indicate the name or title of each
community service activity in bold print or by underlining it.

•  If you choose to describe two different activities that you performed for the same organization, each activity will count as one of your community service activities.

•  Attending meetings of organizations does not qualify as community service, nor do activities completed for your family or relatives (babysitting for siblings, for example).

Once all information has been entered:

•  Ensure all your information is correct; make any changes if necessary.

•  Print the Cover Page for your records.

What if I need to make changes to my application?

--To make changes to information entered online, prior to the January 31 deadline, return to and click Login Option 2.
--Enter your access key ( DISC ), Application Identification Number (AIN) and name to re-enter the application process.
--Click on each tab until you reach the section that needs to be corrected or updated; make changes as necessary and print a new Cover Page for your records.

Semi-finalist Selection

Approximately one month after the deadline, semi-finalists will be selected. These students will be contacted via email (or US mail if no email address was provided) and required to submit a community service verification form, a letter of recommendation, and their high school transcript. Award winners will be determined during the following weeks. All applicants will be notified approximately two and a half months after the deadline. Selection as a semi-finalist does not mean you are an award winner.

More information regarding this scholarship program is available by contacting Scholarship Program Administrators, Inc. at one of the following:

: 866-756-7932
Fax: 615-296-4411



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