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The Ventures Scholars Program is collaborating with Bank of America to encourage Ventures Scholars to apply for and participate in Bank of America's Student Leaders program. Application deadline is Friday, March 9, 2007.

As part of the Student Leaders program, Bank of America will arrange 8 week paid summer internships with select community organizations for Student Leaders, so they can experience first-hand how they can help shape their communities now and in the future. Bank of America will work with the Student Leaders to identify appropriate and meaningful internships with local community organizations. To maximize the experience, Student Leaders will participate in a leadership program with local Bank of America executives.

1.Complete the Bank of America Student Leaders Program application.

Click here to download and print infomation about the 2007 Bank of America Leaders Program.

Click here to access the application and additional information about the Bank of America Student Leaders program.

2. Complete the VSP inquiry form.

Click here to complete the VSP inquiry form. We will collect and provide this information to Bank of America. Remember to scroll to the bottom of this page to the APPLICATION STATUS section. Select Applying. Make sure you select the appropriate region. Once you have completed the application, re-enter the inquiry form and click submitted.


The following cities are involved with the Bank America Students Leaders Program.
--Phoenix, AZ
--Inland Empire, CA
--Los Angeles, CA
--Oakland/East Bay, CA
--Orange County, CA
--Sacramento, CA
--San Diego, CA
--San Francisco, CA
--San Mateo, CA
--Santa Clara County, CA
--Hartford, CT
--Stamford, CT
--Washington DC
--Broward County, FL
--Jacksonville, FL
--Miami, FL
--Orlando, FL
--Palm Beach County, FL
--Pinellas County, FL
--Tampa, FL
--Atlanta, GA
--Chicago, IL
--Kansas City, KS
--St. Louis, MO
--Boston, MA
--Baltimore, MD
--Charlotte, NC
--New Jersey (N-Central) NJ
--Las Vegas, NV
--Long Island, NY
--New York, NY
--Portland, OR
--Philadelphia, PA
--Providence, RI
--Nashville, TN
--Austin, TX
--Dallas, TX
--Fort Worth, TX
--Houston, TX
--San Antonio, TX
--Hampton Roads, VA
--Richmond, VA
--Seattle, WA

24% of the 2007 Bank of America Student Leaders are Ventures Scholars! Click here to read the names of the Ventures Scholars who will be participating in the 2007 Bank of America Leaders Program.

If you are a Ventures Scholar and are applying for this program, you must email your contact information to


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