College is an incredible time of discovery, adventure and learning. Be determined that you will succeed, stay focused on your goals, and the path will become clear to you.

The undergraduate resource center provides a wealth of information., You will be linked to hundreds of Web sites.  These sites will help you to:

  • access timelines and establish yearly goals,
  • learn about math and science-based careers,
  • contact member professional associations and organizations,
  • take assessments to help you better understand your strengths, skills, and abilities,
  • better understand how to choose a major,
  • further develop study, decision making and other important skills,
  • access information about internships, fellowships, and research opportunities,
  • learn about financial aid and scholarship opportunities,
  • find out information about personal issues and concerns,
  • get ready for the workplace,
  • prepare for graduate and professional school, and
  • learn about VSP graduate and professional school members.

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