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Many colleges and universities require that you take standardized examinations. These links provide you with information about the standardized examinations.

Your nomination to the Ventures Scholars Program was partially based on your standardized test score. Similarly, many colleges and universities will review your SAT or ACT scores as part of their entrance requirements. Make sure you appropriately prepare for these examinations. Do not wait until a week before the examination. This site links you to some Web sites that provide you with sample examinations and helpful resources.


This section will provide articles and resources that demonstrate the similarities and differences between the two most popular standardized test, as well as access a handy chart for score comparison.

Overcoming Test Anxiety and Preparing for Standardized Examinations

This section will allow you to review your test-taking skills, as well as overcome any reservations you may have about exams. It is very common for students to feel anxious before exam day. Read the Test Anxiety section below to browse sites that provide students with advice and tips on overcoming test anxiety.
Additional Information on Tests
Here's a listing of websites that provide practive tests, tips and advice.

If you are preparing to go to graduate or professional school, take a moment to visit the Undergraduate Resource Center to learn about the standardized examinations you will need to take to pursue your intended career.


ACT–SAT Concordance

The ACT and SAT are different tests that measure similar but distinct constructs. The ACT measures achievement related to high school curricula, while the SAT measures general verbal and quantitative reasoning.

ACT and the College Board have completed a concordance study that is designed to examine the relationship between two scores on the ACT and SAT. These concordance tables do not equate scores, but rather provide a tool for finding comparable scores.

You can find the concordance tables and guidelines for proper use at ACT-SAT Concordance www.act.org/aap/concordance.

What's The Difference?

An article from the Education Life section of the New York Times provides an interesting answer. A parent and guidance counselor, the author explains the differences between the two tests, as well as provide candid advice about test preparation.
"...College counselors say they see two groups of students, with distinctly different approaches to learning, who may score markedly higher on one test or the other."

SAT vs. ACT [pdf file]
A comparisons chart that describes the differences between the two most popular college entrance exams.


Math and Science Study Guides

Welcome to the exciting and satisfying world of conquering math anxiety and success in math and science. If you are math anxious or you panic of tests, this is the perfect site for you. In addition, this site provides effective study skills for mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Please visit Internet Study Skills Resources which provides tips based on research, as well as years of counseling math and science students.

Avoiding Test Anxiety

Regardless of how well the student knows the material, once you have that exam in front of you it's like your body goes through a sort of shock. Students may begin to experience physical symptoms, such as:

  • breaking out in a sweat, or feeling cold and sticky
  • stomach irritations (gnawing feeling, queasiness, diarrhea, irritated bowel syndrome)
  • fast or un-rythmitic heartbeat (palpitations))
  • headaches, lightheadedness or feeling faint
  • fatigue
These are all symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks. As a result, some students may have difficulty remembering what they studied. These are all symptoms of stress and performance anxiety.

Read Study Habits & Test Anxiety from the University of Buffalo's Counseling Services Department for tips on better study habits and decreased test anxiety. The pressure of passing an exam can add a considerable amount of stress to any student. According to American Psychological Association, nearly half of Americans worry about their stress levels.

Anxiety is not a disease, however if avoided for too long it can develop into a disorder or phobia. A person will begin to avoid any event or situation that may cause them to panic or make them feel uncomfortable. There's nothing wrong with feeling fear or anxiety as they are part of life. Feeling anxious before you take a test or walk down a dark alley is a good thing, it indicates a measure of alertness or carefulness which is a survival trait. Keep in mind that the anxiety is mental and will go away as soon as you conquer the situation that caused it.

Know The Facts

Test anxiety is something that some students will always suffer with.

False. Test anxiety happens to everyone at one time or another. Students tend to only prepare themselves to pass the test but preparation is needed for the event, as well.

Read How to Avoid Test Anxiety During an Exam by Study Techniques for ways to handle nervousness during your exam.

If I just avoid situations that make me anxious, I will be fine.

Avoiding the issue will only feed the anxiety. Anxiety stems from fear, and the best way to conquer a fear is to face it. Educate yourself about anxiety by visiting Teens Health website for detailed information on What Is Test Anxiety?. You may also be interested finding ways to manage your stress and adopt a calm and relaxed attitude so that you can do better on tests.

Another great source is by Elizabeth Scott, M.S., You CAN Reduce Test Anxiety!

Prepare, Confront and Conquer Test Anxiety

Tips for better study habits and decreased test anxiety. The environment in which you study can have a big effect on the efficiency of your study time.

Managing Test Anxiety
Dos and Don'ts of Dealing with Test Anxiety
Thinking Straight About Your Test

Are you ready to overcome anxiety?
This handout is not designed for those "weaklings" who can walk into a classroom, calmly sit down, and ace a test. It is designed for those people who experience great trauma when they hear the word "test"! It's designed for those who are willing to take the steps they need to take to overcome the fear of tests. Some of the suggestions may be bizarre; but if it works, it may be worth it. If you want to succeed, it is important that you do what you must to get the grade you desire.

Understanding Test Anxiety

We are all nervous when we fail to prepare adequately for something that is expected of us. Being a little nervous is natural, and can even help us perform better than normal, because our body releases chemicals that can help us work faster, both physically and mentally. However, some students develop an irrational fear of tests even after adequate preparation. It is important for students to understand the difference between moderate anxiety and irrational fears that may result from test-taking.

STEP 1: Take the Stress Test
STEP 2: Be Optimistic
STEP 3: Keep Calm During Tests
Read more

Additional Information on Tests

Test Prep Listing

  • Number2.com
    Number2.com was created by university professors and graduate students with years of experience in the area of test preparation and provides some free testing services for students interested in taking the SAT, ACT, and GRE.

  • Free SAT 1 Prep
    Free SAT 1 Prep gives insightful test-taking strategies for each section of the SAT and then gives you practice problems to put the skills to use.

  • TakeSAT.com
    This site contains several mini-tests for each section of the SAT test. It notifies you which questions were answered incorrectly, but does not give explanations to those questions. It also gives a ten-week study plan for the SAT.

  • Seldeen's Vocab.SAT
    This is a good Web site for testing your vocabulary. It contains fifteen vocabulary quizzes, and after completion of each quiz, you can have a study guide emailed to you.

  • www.freevocabulary.com
    This is another good vocabulary site. It contains a long list of SAT words and their definitions. It can be helpful for creating vocabulary flash cards.

  • The Princeton Review

  • The College Board
    This is a wonderful site! It has an array of comprehensive information. This site offers customized college, major, and scholarship searches. It's also a great way to stay up on important AP and SAT test dates. You can register for the SAT on-line here. Check out their SAT question of the day.

  • ACT, Inc.

  • National Merit Scholarship Corporation

  • TestU

  • Educational Testing Service


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