Learning About Math and Science Careers

Did you know there are hundreds of math- and science-based careers?  It is important to research career opportunities.  Will there be a job opportunity when you graduate from college? Will you need to go to graduate and professional school?

Take time in high school to speak with professionals. Possibly you can interview or job shadow a professional.  You might also want to volunteer, pursue an internship or research experience to help you determine if you will enjoy pursuing the career.  

Career Resource Centers
Our member institutions and associations have developed on-line career centers.  Peruse them!

Profiles In Science
Every read biographies of scientists?  This section provides links to sites that tell you about our scientific heroes.

Career Pathways
Careers are listed under specific categories called career pathways.  Take time to learn about careers in the career pathways.

Information About Science and Additional Career Exploration Sites
This section provides links to science news and career exploration sites.




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