As a high school student, you have a lot of things on your mind. You are thinking about the courses, extra-curricular activities, and the college and career planning process.  Are you overwhelmed?

Each section will provide you with links to important information and resources.

Getting Started
This section will link you to information about personality assessments and timelines that can help you plan for college.

Getting Experience
Find out about science, math and technology competitions, enrichment programs, summer opportunities, and work-related opportunities.

Preparing for College
Do you need help with study skills? Do you have academic-related questions? Are you wondering how to find the right college/university? Do you understand the application process? What if you are wait-listed or rejected from a college? Can you easily access SAT and ACT standardized examination test dates? This section will provide links to information about the college planning process.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities
This section provides links to help you better connect to financial aid resources and scholarship opportunities.

Math- and Science-Based Careers
There are hundreds of math- and science-based career Web sites. Learn about career pathways and career exploration sites. Read about famous math and science professionals. Explore our member colleges, universities, and professional associations' informative on-line career centers.

The Personal Side
As a Ventures Scholar, you are faced with a variety of personal issues and concerns. This section offers information about issues affecting young adults.

VSP Colleges and Universities
Learn about our member institutions. Contact them for additional information about scholarships, programs and other opportunities.

VSP Professional Associations
Professional associations can provide you with extensive career information. Contact them for additional assistance.

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If you have additional questions, please contact the Ventures Scholars Program staff.


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