Getting Experience

How do you determine the "correct" career path? Hands-on career exploration opportunities are helpful because you will learn about the skills needed for a particular career and you will also develop new skills.

You can get experience through clubs or organizations at school or by seeking volunteer opportunities in your community. You might want also consider participating in competitions, research opportunities, and enrichment programs. Possibly, you will be able to learn new skills in the workplace.

Competitions and Research Opportunities
As a high school student, you should immerse yourself in as many opportunities as possible. Local, state, and national competitions are a great way to test your skills and to learn about what other students are doing. Competitions also open the door to other opportunities. You will meet new people and explore new ideas.This link provides information about competitions.

If you are interested in a math or science-based career, you should seriously consider getting involved in research activities. Meet with your guidance counselor or teacher to learn about opportunities. Possibly you can reach out to your local college or university to find out about opportunities. Contact some of our member institutions.

Summer Enrichment Programs and Other Opportunities
What should you do to develop skills and gain experience? This link will provide you with information about enrichment programs at our member institutions and other resources. You can also learn about other summer opportunities such as classes and summer reading ideas.

Additional Opportunities
Learn about the workplace through job shadowing, internships, volunteering and othe workplace experiences.  This section offers links to access information about these experiences. 



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