Enrichment Programs

What should you do to develop skills and experience? Look into enrichment programs! Many of our member institutions offer summer enrichment programs or you can access information about other national, regional and local programs.

Selecting and Evaluating Summer Programs

Member Institution Summer Enrichment Opportunities

Other Summer Enrichment Opportunities

Taking Summer Classes

Summer Reading


Participating in a Summer Program
What are your summer plans? If all you have is a vague notion of sunning yourself by the pool, you may be selling yourself short. Colleges and other organizations offer a variety of summer programs just for teenagers. Now is the time to think about whether you're interested in participating in a summer program.

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Evaluating Summer Programs
Summer programs come in so many shapes and sizes that comparing them can get complicated.

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Summer Programs: What Do You Want to Do?
There is no such thing as a program designed to torture high-school students with the goal of giving them a miserable summer.

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Summer Programs: Why Should You Go?
Summer is special. It can't come soon enough and it always ends too quickly.

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Member Institution Summer Enrichment Opportunities
Don't delay in researching enrichment programs, internships and fellowship opportunities in medicine and the allied health professions, science, engineering, and mathematics. These opportunities are offered by member colleges and universities.  Contact information is also included. Make sure you mention that you are a Ventures Scholar!

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College Access Directory
The National College Access Network (NCAN) and Pathways to College Network (PCN) announced today the launch of the National College Access Program Directory, a searchable and dynamic online database of college access programs serving students around the country. The Directory is a resource provided free of charge by NCAN and PCN.

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Information About Summer Programs The Science Training Programs Directory for Teachers and Students (STP)
The Science Training Programs Directory for Teachers and Students (STP) has more than 300 programs listed and is the only comprehensive catalog of science, mathematics and engineering enrichment programs for pre-college students and teachers.

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Summer Math Camps and Programs for High School Students
Summer programs which help high school students explore the world of mathematics research.

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Summer Programs and Camps
Pre-college summer camps are offered throughout the country, often through Universities to provide high school students with experiences in science, mathematics, technology or engineering.

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Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships and Internships in Natural Sciences for College and High School Students: Biology, Biomedical and Related Areas
This site provides a listing of possible summer opportunities.

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Site Listing for Summer Experiences
This site provides a listing of hundreds of summer programs and opportunities.

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Outreach Program Database

This online database of over 1,100 pre-college outreach programs is a free resource for students, parents, teachers, counselors, and college admissions officers looking for specific programs, as well as a free service for those operating outreach programs. The capability to add new programs and update existing Profiles will be added to the database soon.

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Watershed Student Opportunities - An Internet Hotlist on Student Opportunities

Though this list is a bit outdated, it provides you with links to many summer opportunities. Make sure you review the deadlines.

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National Institutes of Health - Summer Internship Program

This site is has information about summer internships and scholarship opportunities.

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Americorps:  Find a Program

"The domestic Peace Corps" for those aged 17+: "You'll receive a modest living allowance, health insurance, student loan deferment, and training. Plus, after you complete your service, you'll receive a $4,725 education award to help pay for college, grad school, vocational training, or to pay off student loans. Serve part-time and you'll get a portion of that amount. "

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Summer Opportunities
Science & Math Opportunities for High School students

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New England Resource Dictionary

Information about opportunities in the New England area.

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Science at SEA
Science at SEA (SAS) is a 20-day program for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors that focuses on the coastal and offshore marine environment around Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The marine environment is studied from a variety of perspectives—scientific, historical, literary, and nautical.

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A Guide to High School Programs in Science and Engineering
Links to summer programs across the country.

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Math Programs
This link provides a listing of math-related programs.

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Academic Programs
Google has a listing of summer programs.

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Make Summer Count!

There's more to summer than beach towels and video games.
Whether you're an artist, athlete, or bookworm, there's a summer program with your name on it. Besides giving you lots to talk about when schools starts back up, each can broaden your horizons and jazz up your college applications.

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Math Camps & Summer Programs

Learn about math camps.

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Summer Programs for High School and College Students
Participating in a summer program is a great way to spend your summer. Not only do you experience life on a college campus, you get to explore new fields, earn college credit and make friendships that last a lifetime

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Summer Science Is for Girls!

"Very few girls have an engineer in their family at all, especially not a mom or an aunt in the field," Rowan University environmental engineering professor Kauser Jahan told Education World.

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Taking Summer Classes

More and more students across the country are going to summer school. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

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How to Decide Whether to Go to Summer School
You study for nine months out of the year, so why keep studying in summer? It can be a tough decision to make, but sometimes summer school is the way to go.

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101 Great Books Recommended for College-Bound Readers
It's a good idea to talk to your parents, librarians, teachers, and counselor about your reading list. They can help you choose the best books for you from among your many options.

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Booklists & Book Awards
Each of the sections below includes information on the award or list and links to current and previous award winners or lists of titles.

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