Preparing for College

There are so many colleges and universities! How do you know which college or university is best suited to your needs? These sites will provide you with important information about the college planning process.

Achieving Academic Success
How do get into a competitive institution? Simply be a good student!  This section gives you online resources for subject areas as well links to help you develop your skills!

Where do you start?  How do you select an institution? Why do you want to attend an institution?  These links help you determine how to select the optimal institution.

Once you've determined where you'll send your applications, you will need to make sure you successfully complete your applications.  This section provides helpful links to answer some of your questions.

Testing Information
As a Ventures Scholar, you will be continually asked to take a variety of standardized examinations. This section provides information about PSAT, PLAN, SAT I, SAT II, ACT, and AP examinations. You will also be able to link to free on-line test preparation programs.  Learn about these examinations and free test preparation links.

Thinking about Graduate/ Professional School
Is it too early to think about graduate or professional school? Absolutely not! Many career interests carry a graduate or professional degree as an entrance requirement.

Develop a short and long term education plan. If you are unsure about the education needed for your intended career, take the time to access this information. You might decide to change your mind about your long range plan, but at least you will be making an informed decision. Remember, advanced degrees offer Ventures Scholars the opportunity for continued career advancement and the potential to earn a higher salary.

Consider speaking with graduate or professional school personnel or our professional association representatives to learn about requirements for specific programs.




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