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  748560 St George's English School Via Cassia La Storta   00123 Roma Italy    
  748404 New School Via Della Camilluccia 669   00135 Rome Italy    
  748600 St Stephen's School Via Aventina 3   00153 Rome Italy    
  748400 Marymount International School Via Di Villa Lauchli 180   00191 Rome Italy    
  748646 School Year Abroad Italy Via Cavour 77   01100 Viterbo It LY  
  782301 Sonas Privatgymnas Ovre Slotts Gate 4   0157 Olso Norway    
  731930 International School of Nice 15 Rue Claude Debussy   06200 Nice Franc    
  731093 Mougins School 615 Av Dr Maurice Donat   06250 Mougins Fr NC  
  681009 Abdul Hamid Sharaf Post Office Box 6008   11118 Amman Jord N  
  739004 Greater Grace Christian Acad 1535 Budapewst   114.Pf.:852. Hun AR  
  713080 American Intl School Vienna Salmannsdorferst 47   1190 Vienna Aust IA  
  713096 Lycee Francais De Vienne Litchtensteinstrasse 39a   1190 Vienna Aust IA  
  683083 Al-Bayan Bilingual School PO Box 24472   13105 Safat Kuwa T  
  900300 Northlands Roma 1210 Olivos Prov De Buenos Aires 1636 Argentina    
  668320 English School Post Office Box 23575   1684 Nicosia Cyp US  

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