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  675530 Midrashah Sdeh Boker     Sdeh Boker Israe    
  682231 International Chr Sch Songtan     Apo Ap 96278    
  695140 Bangkok Christian College     Bangkok Thailand    
  724113 Badminton School     Bristol England    
  810022 Belmopan Comprehensive School     Belmopan Belize    
  822040 Bowsman Collegiate Institute     Bowsman Mb Canad    
  915150 Queens College     Georgetown Guyan    
  915255 Saint Stanislaus College 1 Brickdam   Georgetown Guyan    
  670460 Heep Yunn School 1 Farm Road   Kowloon Hong Kon    
  670480 Diocesan Girls' School 1 Jordan Road   Kowloon Hong Kon    
  866075 Saint Hughs High School 1 Leinster Road   Kinston 5 Jamaic    
  680290 International Chrstn Univ HS 1-1-1 Koganei Shi   Tokyo Japan 184    
  680790 University Tsukuba Sr HS 1-9-1 Otsuka Bunkyo-Ku   Tokyo Japan 112    
  687223 Pioneer Junior College 10/12 Science Centre Road   Singapore 609079    
  687226 Serangoon Junior College 1033 Upper Serangoon Road   Singapore 534768    

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