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  826887 York Memorial Collegiate Inst 2690 Eglinton Avenue West   Toronto On Canad    
  866055 York Castle High School Browns Town   St Ann Jamaica W I  
  687240 Yishun Junior College 3 Yishun Ring Road   Singapore 768675    
  670390 Ying Wa Girls' School 76 Robinson Road   Hong Kong    
  670790 Ying Wa College 1b Oxford Road   Kowloon Hong Kon    
  940760 Yarinacocha School Apartado 52   Pucallpa Peru    
  670777 West Island School 250 Victoria Road   Hong Kong Sar    
  805800 Warwick Academy 117 Middle Road   Warwick Pg01 Ber UD  
  670770 Wah Yan College Kowloon 56 Waterloo Road   Kowloon Hong Kon    
  670370 Wah Yan College 281 Queens Road East   Hong Kong    
  838600 W T Sampson High School Dod Psc 1005 Box 49   Fpo Ae 09593-000    
  576397 Vilseck High School Dod Unit 28041   Apo Ae 09112 000    
  687233 Victoria Junior College 20 Marine Vista   Singapore 449035    
  755500 Verdala International School Fort Pembroke   St Andrews Malta    
  632002 Usis American Embassy Post Office Box 2399   Doha Qatar    

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