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  748560 St George's English School Via Cassia La Storta   00123 Roma Italy    
  748404 New School Via Della Camilluccia 669   00135 Rome Italy    
  748600 St Stephen's School Via Aventina 3   00153 Rome Italy    
  748400 Marymount International School Via Di Villa Lauchli 180   00191 Rome Italy    
  782301 Sonas Privatgymnas Ovre Slotts Gate 4   0157 Olso Norway    
  731930 International School of Nice 15 Rue Claude Debussy   06200 Nice Franc    
  675948 Pardess Chana HS American Prog Pardess Chana   37000 Israel    
  731240 College Cevenol International Le Chambon-Sur-Lignon   43400 France    
  671625 Hyderabad Public School Ramanthpur Hyderabad   500 991 A P Indi    
  731474 Lycee Detat Mixt Blaise Pascal 18th Rue Fleming   91 Orsay France    
  697003 Al Worood School PO Box 46673   Abu Dhabi Uae    
  654010 Alhekma International Model Sc Post Office Box 26489   Adeliwa Bahrain    
  826940 Denis O Connor High School 80 Mandrake Street   Ajax On Canada    
  693001 Icarda Intl School of Aleppo Post Office Box 5466   Aleppo Syria    
  681050 Terra Sancta College Post Office Box 9114   Amman Jordan    

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