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  915303 Corentyne Comp School   Pt Mourant Corentyne Berbice Guyana    
  675530 Midrashah Sdeh Boker     Sdeh Boker Israe    
  915150 Queens College     Georgetown Guyan    
  724113 Badminton School     Bristol England    
  822040 Bowsman Collegiate Institute     Bowsman Mb Canad    
  810022 Belmopan Comprehensive School     Belmopan Belize    
  695140 Bangkok Christian College     Bangkok Thailand    
  682231 International Chr Sch Songtan     Apo Ap 96278    
  000844 Nova Scotia Agricultural Coll     Truro Ns Canada 2N 5E3
  724189 Cobham Hall     Cobham Kent Da12 3B ENGL
  826715 Sydenham High School     Sydenham On Cana A 0H 2T
  866775 Grenada Boys Secondary School     St Georges Grena A I
  826556 Trinity College School     Prt Hope On Cana A 1A 3W
  827127 Montague Regional High School     Montague Pe Cana A 0A 1R
  826352 Osgoode Township High School     Metcalfe On Cana A 0A 2P

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