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  950520 Escuela Naval     Maiquetia Venezu LA  
  915303 Corentyne Comp School   Pt Mourant Corentyne Berbice Guyana    
  915301 Agore Memorial High School 64     Corentyne Berbic G YANA
  915150 Queens College     Georgetown Guyan    
  890740 Albena Lake Hodge Comp Sch     The Valley Angui LA W IND
  890600 Antigua Grammar School     St Johns Antigua W  
  890550 Lodge School     St John Barbados W  
  886500 Saint Josephs Convent HS   San Fernando Trinidad West In IE  
  866785 Mannings School     Savanna-La-Mar J MA CA
  866775 Grenada Boys Secondary School     St Georges Grena A I
  866617 Decarteret College     Mandeville Jamai A I
  827127 Montague Regional High School     Montague Pe Cana A 0A 1R
  826948 Charlottburgh-Lanc High School     Williamstown On AN DA KO
  826715 Sydenham High School     Sydenham On Cana A 0H 2T
  826586 Rosseau Lake College     Rosseau On Canad P C 1J0

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