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  703070 Kristin School Post Office Box 300 087   Albany Auckland EW ZEALA
  703240 Freyberg High School Freyberg Street   Palmerston North NE ZEAL
  826769 Cambridge Intl Coll Canada 35 Ourland Avenue   Toronto On Canad M Z 4E1
  821155 Langley Christian High School 22702 48th Avenue   Langley Bc Canad V Z 2T6
  821144 Mount Boucherie Secondary Sch 2751 Cameron Road   Kelowna Bc Canad V Z 2T6
  821163 D W Poppy Secondary School 23752 52nd Avenue   Langley Bc Canad V Z 2P3
  826339 Queensway Christian College 1536 The Queensway   Toronto On Canad M Z 1T5
  826809 Imperial College of Toronto 20 Queen Elizabeth Boulevard   Toronto On Canad M Z 1L8
  915301 Agore Memorial High School 64     Corentyne Berbic G YANA
  829950 F H Collins Sr Secondary Sch 1001 Lewes Boulevard   Whitehorse Yt Ca AD Y1A
  724249 Claremont Fan Court School Claremont Drive   Esher Surrey Kt1 9 Y ENG
  821150 Kelowna Secondary School 575 Harvey Avenue   Kelowna Bc Canad V Y 6C7
  820139 Rundle College 2612 37th Avenue Northeast   Calgary Ab Canad T Y 5L2
  820054 Bishop O Byrne High School 333 Shawville Boulevard SE   Calgary Ab Canad T Y 4H3
  826964 F J Brennan High School 910 Raymo Road   Windsor On Canad N Y 4A6

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