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  950380 Colegio Moral Y Luces Hzl-Bial Av Principal Los Chorros   1070 Caracas Ven ZU LA
  649180 Simba Secondary School Post Office Box 240216   Copperbelt Ndola ZA BIA
  643150 International Sch Tanganyika United Nations Road Post Office Box 2651 Dar-Es-Salaam Ta ZA IA
  643140 Tambaza Secondary School Post Office Box 20576   Dar-Es-Salaam Ta ZA IA
  643100 Azania Secondary School Post Office Box 9074   Dar-Es-Salaam Ta ZA IA
  703115 Christ's College Rolleston Avenue Private Bag 4900 Christ Church NE Z ALAND
  828210 Philemon Wright Regional HS 80 Boulevard Daniel Johnson   Hull Pq Canada J Z S3
  724087 Stonyhurst College Clitheroe   Lancashire Bb7 9 Z NGLAN
  686420 Saint Xaviers Institute Farquhar Street   10200 Penang Mal YS A
  686377 Methodist Girls Secondary Sch 42 Anson Road   10400 Penang Mal YS A
  686375 Methodist Boys School 250 Ayer Itam Road   10460 Penang Mal YS A
  686360 Dalat School Tanjong Bungah   11200 Penang Mal YS A
  686170 International Sch Kuala Lumpur 68000 Ampang Selangor Jalan Kolam Air Kuala Lampur Mal YS A 507
  686459 Mont'kiara Internat School 22 Jalan Mont Kiara   Kuala Lumpar Mal YS A 504
  686220 St Johns Institution Jalan Bukit Nanas   Kuala Lumpur Mal YS A

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