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Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges – Washington, DC

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Lisa Greenhill
Associate Executive Director for Institutional Research & Diversity
Phone: (202) 371-9195

About Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges

Students enrolled in veterinary colleges come from a wide variety of educational and employment backgrounds. Generally, you want an undergraduate school that offers a strong science program. Students wishing to apply to veterinary college should earn good grades in their pre-professional studies, especially in math and science. It is not necessary that a student complete a program specifically labeled "pre-veterinary" or "pre-vet." It is, however, necessary for applicants to complete all prerequisite requirements before enrolling in a veterinary medical college. These requirements vary significantly from one institution to another. For a complete list of specific veterinary college prerequisites, please order and consult the Veterinary Medical School Admissions Requirements in the United States and Canada (VMSAR) book by calling Purdue University Press at (800) 247-6553.


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