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Determine what you might like to study or major in at college. Develop a list of criteria you want to use to evaluate and weed out colleges. Do you want to live close to home, or far away? Do you want a large university or a small college? What about costs? What are the entrance requirements? What are the majors at the institution? Do they offer open houses so you can visit the campus? Go to the VSP Resource Center to read articles about the college planning process. If you are just starting out with your college search, contact a variety of institutions. Take time to review the descriptions of the member institutions.

Sophomores and Juniors
Log into your web account and you will be able to send inquiry forms to many member colleges and universities nationwide. Keep a running record of the member institutions that have received your inquiry form.

If you are submitting an application to a particular institution, make sure the admissions representatives have your updated academic and career information and questions.

You can Log into your web account or you can scroll to the particular institution on this page. Insert your username and password. Access the inquiry form, update your academic profile, and let them know you are applying to the institution. You can keep a running record of the member institution that has received your inquiry form.

Stillman College
California Polytechnic State University
Wesleyan University
Stetson University
University of South Florida
Emory University
Northwestern University
Colby College
Amherst College
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Carleton College
New Jersey
The College of New Jersey
New York
Fordham University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Sophie Davis School of BioMed Ed/CUNY
SUNY Fredonia
VSP Special Programs
North Carolina
Queens University of Charlotte
Case Western Reserve University
Drexel University
Saint Francis University
Swarthmore College
Vanderbilt University
Rice University
Sweet Briar College
University of Wisconsin Madison


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