Setting Your High School Goals
Senior Year

  • Take SAT (or equivalent) and SAT II: Subject Area Tests.

  • Continue to:

    • develop academic and co-curricular planner and study skills.
    • prepare member college/university applications, scholarship applications, and financial aid forms.
    • review scholarship opportunities at Ventures Scholars Program member colleges/universities.
    • take challenging courses. Senior courses do count toward college/university.
    • meet with guidance counselor to discuss the college application process and to make sure colleges receive standardized test scores, high school transcripts, and financial aid reports.
    • involve parents/guardians when making decisions about coursework, extra-curricular activities, and the college/university admissions process.
    • complete college/university application forms, early decision/early action forms, scholarships forms, and financial aid forms. Request the assistance from guidance counselors and/or parents/guardians.
    • include summer experiences that such as job, internships, and pre-college enrichment programs.

  • Visit Ventures Scholars Program member institutions. View the open house link to find out when member institutions are inviting prospective students to the campus.

  • Find out about extra-curricular activities at your school or in your community. These activities will help you determine your interests and strengths and can be used to help with career exploration.

  • Make sure have all applications required for college admission and financial aid. Complete application and financial aid deadline form.

  • Check on application and financial aid deadlines for the schools to which you plan to apply. When researching the cost of a college/university, discuss the "real cost" of each college. Though two colleges/universities might have the same cost, the financial aid packages offered to you might vary. Colleges/universities vary widely in how much their packages are grants (free money) vs. loans (money you pay back).

  • Review information with guidance counselor and parents/guardians. Make sure the colleges you have selected are appropriate for your academic and personal record.

  • Write the names of your courses underline on the academic and co-curricular record and extra-curricular activities.

  • Register for October or November SAT. Sign up for a preparation course and/or look on-line for SAT test preparation programs.

  • Make sure you are taking rigorous courses. Though you might want to have a fun-filled senior year, don't let your grades suffer. Remember, colleges may not accept you if they see your grades on the last high school transcript isn't similar to your previous grades. In addition, if you enter your freshman year in college/university with "rusty" study skills, you will not be prepared for college level courses. Resist the temptation to slack off.

  • If you are considering early decision/early action admission programs, contact the Ventures Scholars Program member college/university to find out about requirements. Inquire about admission application fee waivers to see if you qualify.

  • If you are interested in on-campus housing, ask about availability at the targeted colleges/universities.

  • Sit down with your parents/guardians to review monthly goals.

  • View the open house link to find out when member institutions are inviting prospective students to the campus.

  • If you are registered, take the SAT.

  • Begin to complete applications to Ventures Scholars Program member colleges/universities.

  • Arrange a meeting with your guidance counselor to request transcripts and letters of recommendation. You can also ask for letters of recommendation from your teachers, employers, clergy or other adults.

  • Continue visiting college/university campuses. Remember to take a campus tour, interview with an admissions representative, sit in on a class, speak with students and/or professors, and spend a night at the campus!

  • Mail applications in time to reach colleges by the deadlines. Make sure you check with your guidance counselor to ensure that your transcript and test scores will be sent to the colleges you are applying to.

  • If you are applying for early decision or early action, send in your application now. Remember, if you are accepted under the early decision option, you are expected to enroll at that college and to withdraw all other applications. Submit financial aid information if requested from early decision/action candidates.

  • Register for the SAT I and/or SAT II: Subject Tests.

  • If you are struggling with a course, get a tutor. Many schools have tutoring programs where juniors and seniors can help you for free. Speak with counselors or teachers for assistance.

  • Make sure that the official test scores are sent to the colleges on your list.

  • Collect letters of recommendation and submit them to your targeted Ventures Scholars Program member colleges/universities.

  • If needed, take the SAT I or SAT II.

  • Continue completing college applications and make sure you make copies of everything you send.

  • Request the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from your guidance counselor. Make sure you find out if colleges require other financial aid information.

  • Keep all records of test score reports and copies for admission and financial aid.

  • Review list of Ventures Scholars member college/university pre-college enrichment programs, and if interested, contact them about application deadlines.

  • If you have not already done so, make sure your official test scores are sent to the colleges on your list.

  • If you have applied for early decision, you should have already received an answer. If the decision is deferred until spring or you are denied, submit applications now to other colleges.

  • Completing FAFSA will enable you to be considered for aid from the U.S. government such as the Pell Grant, Perkins Loan, Stafford Loan, and Federal Work-Study. State governments and individual colleges also use the FAFSA to assess whether you need more financial help than the U.S. Government can offer you.

  • Remember that grades count. Continue to take rigorous courses.

  • Ask your guidance counselor to send the transcript of your first semester grades to the Ventures Scholars Program member colleges/universities you have applied to.

  • Complete and return the FAFSA (Free Federal Application for Federal Student Aid) form to the Ventures Scholars Program member colleges/universities you have applied to. Return them as soon as possible after January 1. Remember to make copies of the form.

  • Make sure you have submitted all required financial aid forms to the Ventures Scholars Program member colleges/universities you are applying to.

  • Sit down with your parents/guardians to review monthly goals.

  • Before making any decision, ask the advice of people who have traditionally helped you make decisions (family members, friends, school faculty, clergy, etc.). Remember, you must make the final decision.

  • If you have been admitted to more than one college/university , think about college/university goals. Your goals might have changed during your search. Revisit your original list and see if the colleges/universities you are considering have the characteristics you are interested in.

  • Remember to read all information sent by Ventures Scholars Program member colleges/universities. Many colleges/universities send information that requires immediate feedback. Open everything that comes in the mail!

  • Begin looking for a summer job or internship opportunity.

  • You will be receiving admissions notifications and financial aid award letters. Compare financial aid awards to the cost of attendance at the Ventures Scholars Program member colleges/universities.

  • Make your final decision and, if requested, submit the enrollment deposit.

  • If you elected not to attend a Ventures Scholars Program member colleges/universities that accepted you, please inform them.

  • Complete any paperwork for the Ventures Scholars Program member college/university you have selected.

  • Review academic and co-curricular record and, when you have the final grades, complete the form.

  • Request that your guidance counselor send the final official transcript to the college/university you have selected.

  • If you will be living at a Ventures Scholars Program member college/university, begin to develop a list of all the items you will need to take with you.

  • If you have elected not to apply to colleges/universities during the senior year, some college/universities will still allow you to apply. Contact them and ask about their requirements.

  • Develop a budget for expenses. Don't spend more money than you have!

  • Try to visit the campus again to locate important sites (religious organizations, grocery stores, post office, doctor's office, etc.)

  • Prepare for orientation at college/university!

  • Congratulations and much success! If you ever need assistance from the Ventures Scholars Program staff, please feel free to call us at 212-566-2522 or 1-800-94-SMART.


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