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Towson University
Towson, MD

Science and Math Women's Academy for Maryland Summer Center for Gifted and Talented
The Academy for Applied Sciences is subsidized by the Maryland State Department of Education and is designed to expose gifted and talented students entering grades 5-12 to different aspects of science that they would not normally experience in their schools. Explore the complex problems faced by our society today and assume the role of scientists who will meet the challenge. As an aspiring scientist, you will acquire the skills you will need to succeed in your future education and career. At the Academy of Applied Sciences, you'll look at the world through the eyes of a scientist as you learn applied science research, collaborate with your peers and develop greater self-awareness.

Program Dates:
Session I: Males
  Science Explorers (Grades 5/6) - July 14-19
  Science Apprentices (Grades 7/8 and 9/10) - July 7-19
  Science Interns (Grades 11/12) - July 7 - August 2
Session II: Females 
  Science Explorers (Grades 5/6) - July 21-26
  Science Apprentices (Grades 7/8 and 9/10) - July 21-August 2
  Science Interns (Grades 11/12) - July 7 - August 2

(It will be 4 weeks for 11-12 graders, 2 weeks for 7-10 graders and 1 week for 5-6 graders)

Application Process/Prerequisites:
Applications usually go on-line in early February and the application process goes through April. Students must complete the application cover sheet and supply reommendations from two teachers and supply a recent science project/paper for evaluation.

Applicants must be Gifted and Talented students entering grades 5-12 from throughout the state of Maryland.

The cost varies with the time in the program and covers room and board and supplies. Scholarships are available based on financial need only.

Tuition: $375 Grades 5/6 - 1 Week Residential
  $625 Grades 7/8 and 9/10 - 2 Weeks Residential
  $300 Grades 11/12 4 Weeks Nonresidential
  $600 Grades 11/12 4 Weeks Residential

MSC Academy
Towson University
P.O. Box 3139
8000 York Road
Towson, MD 21252
Phone: (410) 704-6025

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