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Syracuse University
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Summer College for High School Students
Looking to get more out of summer than a little extra sleep and sun? Make this summer the start of something really big with Summer College at Syracuse University. Our uniquely designed six-week academic program allows high school students to explore study and career interests while earning college credit. Each of our eleven programs offers specialized courses and related activities. Courses are taught by resident University faculty and supplemented with seminars, field trips, and special evening and weekend activities.

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$4,375 - 5,990

Yes. Complete the financial aid section. Completed financial aid applications (including school evaluations) must be postmarked no later than April 15, 2006.

Application Deadline:
May 15, 2006

Application Process:
You and your parents or guardians need to fill out the first pages completely, as well as relevant sections of the Secondary School Evaluation form. These materials, together with a $50 application fee payable to Syracuse University Summer College, must be taken to secondary school officials who will complete confidentially and send to us by the deadlines given below.

Be sure to provide school officials with the envelope and notify them of deadlines. It is your responsibility to see that school officials submit materials by the deadline. The application fee is deducted from the total program cost. Scholarship applicants must meet additional requirements listed in the section below.

Only completed applications are considered. A complete application consists of an Application Form, High School Evaluation Form (Teacher), and a High School Evaluation Form (Principal/Counselor). We recommend that you submit your application materials well before the application deadline, as popular programs fill up quickly.

Please print the form, fill in your information, and mail the application to Syracuse University Summer College for High School Students, 111 Waverly Avenue, Suite 240, Syracuse, NY 13244-2320.

Program Dates:
July 3, 2006 - August 11, 2006

Additional Information:
Summer College at Syracuse is designed for high school students in good academic standing who demonstrate maturity and self-discipline. Eligibility for admission is determined through review of completed applications including test scores, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Some programs have additional eligibility requirements. See the application forms in the back of this program guide.

Frank Esson
Assistant Director of Admissions

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