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Stony Brook University (SUNY)
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Garcia MRSEC Polymers at Engineering Interfaces
The Summer Research Scholar Program is an intensive seven week research program for 11th and 12th grade students who are interested in Physics, Chemistry, and Bioengineering. Students create independent projects with guidance from Garcia Center faculty and graduate students. The program teaches the students to perform original research, analyze scientific data, and use state of-the-art instrumentation. Students are encouraged to present their results at National Conferences such as those sponsored by the American Physical Society, the Materials Research Society and the American Chemical Society. Special scholarships may be available for their travel.

Students may also choose to register to receive three college credits for participation in the Summer Research Scholar Program through SUNY Stony Brook's Young Scholars' Program. The only fee for this course is the cost of registration.

Students participate in group activities including; presentations from industry and academic scientists, field trips which may include to Brookhaven National Laboratories, a CD ROM manufacturer, or a plastics recycling center. Students may continue their research during the academic year which allows them to plan a research schedule with a MRSEC faculty mentor and enter national science competitions.

For more information about the Garcia MRSEC Polymers at Engineering Interfaces go to:

Jenise Reyes, Senior Admissions Advisor
Stony Brook University
Phone: 631-632-1046

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