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Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

College & Careers
What sparks your interest? What would you like to be able to do after college? If you will be a high school senior next fall, the College & Careers program at Rochester Institute of Technology will help you make the most informed decision as you plan for your future.

If you attend the College and Careers program you will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore your future academic and career options, selecting among many unique workshops.
  • Experience life as a college student by sleeping in the residence halls and eating in the student dining commons.
  • Enjoy Friday night social activities with other college bound seniors
  • Explore, investigate and sample academic programs and career paths this summer at RIT!

Approximately 60 hands-on workshops to chose from. Each student may select 4 to participate in.

Learn more about College & Careers at

Prerequisites/Application Process:
Online registration will begin in June. For more information, contact the RIT Admissions Office at 585-475-6631. You may also view last year's workshop offerings online at


Yes. Contact the Undergraduate Office of Admissions at 585-475-6631.

Application Deadline:

Program Dates:
StartDate: 7/21/06, 8/4/06
EndDate: 7/22/06 , 8/5/06

Sally Douglas, Assistant Director/Coordinator
Rochester Institute of Technology
Phone: 585-475-5497

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