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Individual Enrichment Program Summer Seminar
Now entering its twenty-sixth year of operation, The Individual Enrichment Program is a year-round academic support program offering a summer bridge component, the IE Summer Seminar. 

Designed to support students with academic potential, the IE Summer Seminar enables students to ease their individual adjustment into college life while providing them with an opportunity to meet faculty, collegiate staff, and other new students before the new academic year begins.  The intensive seminar runs for four weeks, June 28-July 29, 2006, and allows students to begin college with a strong GPA, college credits, a support network, and superior study skills.  The program better prepares students for future academic and personal success.

Students who participate in the IE Summer Seminar are chosen through an additional application process.  Space is limited, so we encourage early applications!  Students who demonstrate that they may benefit from the Seminar are selected through a separate admission committee process.  A student may be required to attend the Seminar as a condition of his or her admission to the College.  All program attendees must matriculate to MCLA in the fall following the Seminar. 

While the Seminar is cost-free for most participants, students who do not meet at least one of three criteria* may still attend but will be charged a fee (approx. $2,500.00-$3,100.00) to cover tuition and books.  Alternative financing may be available for those who qualify.  Any student who begins and does not complete the program or completes the program and does not attend MCLA in the fall will be responsible for the full cost of the Summer Seminar.

The IE Summer Seminar is a Massachusetts Board of Higher Education approved alternative admission program for students who do not meet traditional academic standards.  While candidates may be required to participate in the summer component as a condition of their admission to the College, students who complete the summer seminar gain a distinct advantage and renewed confidence as college students.

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free for most or reduced cost (see description)

Students will be identified for scholarships if they meet one of the three basic federal eligibility requirements (see description). For others, cost of books, room and board is provided.  Tuition and fees must be paid.  Alternative financing is available in the form of credit-based loans.  We send you this information with your acceptance letter.

Application Deadline:
Rolling. Download an application at and submit it with your appliation to MCLA ( ).  You may be contacted for an interview

Program Dates:
June 28, 2006 - July 29, 2006

Additional Information:
Type of Student: High School Senior applying to MCLA
Typical GPA range:  3.0-2.0 (2.0 is absolute minimum)
Need for academic support in the areas taught
additionalinfo - Individual Enrichment Program:  A Great Experience, A Distinct Advantage

"It was the best decision I ever made," glows Sarah Flint '07.  Even three years later, Flint speaks highly of her decision to attend the Individual Enrichment Program Summer Seminar.  The Individual Enrichment Program is a four-week, credit-bearing, pre-college program. During those four weeks, anywhere from 35-50 student participants engage in academic courses designed to better prepare them to start MCLA in the fall.  For some students, the program is mandatory for acceptance to the College.  Although Sarah had already been accepted to the college outright, her parents encouraged her to take advantage of the summer program.  "My father is an alumnus of MCLA, and he knew it would be good for me," states Sarah.  Although taking classes was not how she envisioned herself spending her final summer before college, in the end she was glad that she did.

The Individual Enrichment Program, now in its twenty-sixth year of operation, brings soon-to-be MCLA freshmen to campus and provides a structured and supportive academic experience.  Students gain academic skills and confidence, connect with faculty and students, and enjoy life in the residence hall.  By the time they start school in the fall, they have a core group of friends and have already earned up to nine college credits. 

Caissa McClinton
Assistant Director of Admission
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