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The Jim Holland Summer Enrichment Program in Biology
The Jim Holland Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) focuses on minority students residing in INDIANA who are currently in the eighth and ninth grades (entering ninth and tenth grades in the Fall), and hopes to attract them to Indiana University in future years.

The Jim Holland Summer Enrichment Program is an exciting opportunity for minority students to broaden their horizons in science. This program is funded by the Department of Biology and Academic Support and Diversity, along with help from Cook Incorporated of Bloomington. It is an intensive one week residential program. Students participating in the program will receive free room and board. All program participants will be housed in one of the dormitories on the beautiful Bloomington campus. The program will include lecture/discussions to expose students to ideas in genetics, evolution, environmental biology, molecular biology, plant sciences, and microbiology. A substantial portion of the program will be devoted to giving students “hands-on” laboratory experience in the area of biology related to the discussions. The instructors in the program will be teams of Indiana University faculty members and high school teachers. Students will experience maintaining academic notes on all instructions during the program. Teachers will review students’ notebooks to better prepare them for a college academic career. Evening activities will include other educational, social and entertainment events, and the opportunity to enjoy some of the recreational sports facilities on campus. It is important that students become fully aware of all activities before applying for this program. Students are expected to fully participate in all planned activities, take notes during lectures and lab sessions, and exhibit appropriate behavior at all times.

The Jim Holland Summer Enrichment Program is open to Indiana high school minority students including, but not limited to African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Native Americans.

Applications can be obtained at:

Dates of Program:
July 18-23, 2004

Application Deadline:
April 9, 2004

If accepted, we require a $25 non-refundable registration fee due at the time of acceptance into the program. Transportation costs to and from Indiana University in Bloomington are at the expense of the program participants. Room and board paid for by the SEP. This program is made possible by the IU College of Arts & Sciences, Indiana University Department of Biology, Indiana University Academic Support & Diversity, and Cook Incorporated of Bloomington, IN.

Jeremy Bennett
Department of Biology
Jordan Hall 127
1001 E. Third Street
Bloomington, IN 47405

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