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Hampshire College
Amherst, MA

Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics (HCSSiM)
The Hampshire College Summer Studies is looking for interested and interesting high school students who are likely to enjoy, to contribute to, and to profit from 6 weeks of active engagement with the processes of mathematics.

Since 1971, talented high school students, guided by teams of college teachers, graduate students, and undergraduate math majors, have investigated challenging problems in number theory, combinatorics, graph theory, n-dimensional geometry, dynamics, fractals, chaos, mathematical origami and much more. Students seek patterns, formulate conjectures and definitions, and create proofs. Our small classes and workshops meet for 4 hours each morning and in informal collaborative evening problem seminars. The entire faculty live on campus and join students for meals and recreational activities.

For more information about HCSSiM, visit their Web page at

Application Process/Prerequisites:
Written application followed by an "Interesting Test" (4-5 questions) which is used for placement/acceptance.

Application Deadline:
Rolling deadline

Fee (in 2002):

Fill out a program-specific financial aid form, available from Hampshire.

David Kelly
HCSSiM Director
Box NS
Hampshire College
Amherst, MA 01002

Phone: 413-559-5375
Fax: 413-559-5375


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