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Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

Summer Academy for Minority Scholars
The Summer Academy is a residential program for ethnic minority students between 10th and 11th grades with interests in engineering, science, and computer science. Students entering their junior or senior year are eligible to participate in the program, which will build both academic and personal skills. For more information about the Summer Academy for Minority Scholars, visit their web page at

Prerequisites/Application Process:
Students must have an interest in studying engineering, science, or computer science. Students need to complete an application, transcript, and two (2) recommendations.

Students offered admission to the Summer Academy for Minority Scholars will be required to submit a $300 deposit to reserve a place in the program. This $300 will be refunded in full upon arrival to the program and may be applied to the cost of books, supplies and recreational expenses. Students who submit the $300 deposit but do not enroll in the program will forfeit the deposit.

Michael Steidel
Director of Admission
Ph: 412-268-2082
Fax: 412-268-7838

Gloria Hill
Phone: 412-268-2150
Fax: 412-268-1527


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