VSP Services for High School Ventures Scholars

As a member of the Ventures Scholars Program, you are invited to utilize the Program's services and tools. 

As you know, colleges and universities join the Ventures Scholars Program to better connect with Ventures Scholars.  Many of the member colleges and universities offer scholarship opportunities, fee waivers and much more!

In addition, professional associations are eager to share career information about math, science, engineering, health and technology-based career pathways.

Lastly, the Ventures Scholars Program provides a variety of communication tools to help you link to resources and opportunities.

The following information provides you with an explanation of the resources offered through the Ventures Scholars Program:

Member Institution Profile Information

VSP Website

VSP Biweekly E-Newsletter

Targeted Emails to Ventures Scholars

Supplemental Questionnaire to Member Institutions

Listserv and Message Board

VSP E-Buddy Welcome Program

Questions Answered By VSP Consortium and Staff

Certificate of Recognition

Invitation to Continue Free Services as an Undergraduate Ventures Scholar

 If you would like to find out what is on the VSP Web site, feel free to utilize the VSP site map.

Member Institution Profile Information
Member colleges and universities have provided Ventures Scholars with information about programs and opportunities. T

To access the institution profiles, please go to http://www.venturescholar.org/portals/

Ventures Scholars are invited to share up-to-date information with member institutions. Go to the member institution profile page, and click on the inquiry form.

Helpful Hints:
General Student Information
The Ventures Scholars Program (VSP) student inquiry form is linked to your username and password. Most of the information on this form will be automatically generated from the Ventures Scholars Program database. If you change information on the VSP student inquiryfForm, it will be automatically updated on the VSP database. To remind you, the VSP database is shared with member institutions.

Writing Paragraphs for the VSP Student Inquiry Form
You are invited to write paragraphs about your accomplishments. Make sure you check grammar, sentence structure since admissions officers can often tell a lot about a student by how he/she completes an online inquiry form.

Communicating with Admissions Officers After Sending the VSP Inquiry Form
Your inquiry form is emailed directly to the admissions officer at the institution. Admissions officers are typically quite busy and might not get back with you right away. Be patient! However, if you do not hear from the officer in about two weeks you can either send another inquiry form or simply email the officer and mention that you have submitted an inquiry form.

Ventures Scholars Program Web Site
You and your family members can obtain extensive information about our member undergraduate institutions, professional associations and the college/career planning process. Remember to visit the VSP On-line Resource Center.  The Center provides you with links to hundreds of web sites that offer information about career exploration, summer programs, the college planning process and much more!

Biweekly E-Newsletter
You will receive a biweekly e-newsletter that offers information about consortium members, college and career planning, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities. Your parents/guardians are invited to receive a copy of the e-newsletter. Please make sure to include your parent/guardian's email address on your online registration form.  Please email webmaster@ventures.org if you are not receiving the biweekly e-newsletter.

Targeted Emails to Ventures Scholars

Member colleges, universities, and associations ask us to email special messages about programs, scholarships, opportunities and much more.  Many Ventures Scholars have been able to access very helpful information from these targeted emails. 

Supplemental Questionnaire to Member Institutions and Associations

In every e-newsletter, Ventures Scholars are offered an opportunity to share additional information about themselves.  This information is emailed to all of our member institutions and associations so the admissions representatives can learn about your academic and extracurricular accomplishments and/or extenuating circumstances. If you would like the link to the questionnaire, please email webmaster@ventures.org.  Provide the following information: your first and last name, your high school's name, and the city/state where you reside.


 Listserv and Message Board
The listserv and message board provides a venue for high school and undergraduate Ventures Scholars to discuss issues and concerns with other Ventures Scholars across the country. You will be need to go the Scholar Login page to register for this service.

VSP E-Buddy Program
In the fall and the spring, we invite high school and undergraduate Ventures Scholars to register for the VSP E-Buddy Welcome Program.

  • High school Ventures Scholars can connect with other high school Ventures Scholars across the country who share similar majors.
  • High school Ventures Scholars can ask undergraduate Ventures Scholars about the college planning process.
  • Undergraduate Ventures Scholars can help high school Ventures Scholars with the college planning process.
  • Undergraduate Ventures Scholars can also communicate with other undergraduate Ventures Scholars who share the same major or who are at the same institution.

Please make sure we have your updated email address on the registration form because we will send you notification about when the fall and spring program begins. 

Questions Answered By VSP Consortium and Staff

In every e-newsletter, Ventures Scholars are invited to submit questions about the college and career planning process. Questions are presented to member institutions and associations and answers appear in the subsequent e-newsletters.  After they appear in the e-newsletter, the questions/answers are placed in the Answers from the Experts section.

If you have a question, please feel free to email Ventures Scholars Program (webmaster@ventures.org) We will help you find an answer!

Certificate of Recognition

In the fall of the senior year, Ventures Scholars receive a certificate of recognition.  Ventures Scholars are asked to include a copy of the certificate in their college application packets. If you have not received your certificate of recognition in the fall of your senior year, please email webmaster@ventures.org

Invitation to Continue Free Services as an Undergraduate Ventures Scholar
You are invited to continue your free membership as an undergraduate Ventures Scholar. When you find out what college or university you will be attending, you will need to provide us with this information. Please remember to provide us with your current email address.


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