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Encouragement for Ventures Scholars
By Jocelyn C., a High School Ventures Scholar

Hi there fellow scholars!! I would like to share with you something very encouraging that somebody recently said. Last week, on October 28, 2003 was the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony at my school. I thank God because I was selected for this society. A speaker was invited to attend this ceremony, a native San Antonian. He shared with us his educational background, he said that he went to both Harvard and Stanford Universities. He told us something really important that he learned when he was at those prestigious schools. He said that his classmates were not different from the people he met when he was in high school; he said that the only difference was that the people at those universities had showed the determination of reaching their goals. His speech was very encouraging, because he said that we should not let anyone say that we are not capable of making our dreams come true. I am pretty sure that all the students who are reading this article have the potential to reach their goals.

My message to you is, do not get discouraged if people or even you think that you are not smart enough to reach your goals, IT CAN BE DONE!! God Bless You.


courtesy of Saint Michael's College
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