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A Helping Hand
By Desmond H., a High School Ventures Scholar

For most seventeen-year-olds or teenagers for that fact, college preparation is not second nature. As much as parent, college counselors, and our other supporters in this “race to college” tell us and remind us of what is required, we, as teenagers, still do not comprehensively grasp this concept of college. We have successfully made it through at least twelve years of schooling and through it all, our pass or fail, advanced placement, and international baccalaureate classes can only prepare us academically and mentally.

My name is Desmond H. and I have been a Ventures Scholar for one year now. It all started when I received what I thought was some random mail. I distinctly remember entertaining the first piece of correspondence and then disregarding the rest. It wasn’t until I went over a friend’s house and saw their array of Ventures Scholars’ certificates awarded to their brothers and sisters. I received yet another piece of correspondence and here I stand today, an exclusive member of the Ventures Scholars Program.

For me, Ventures Scholars has been a lifesaver. The Ventures Scholars Program, in addition to other public services at our disposal such as, has essentially lightened the load on us seniors and those juniors who are “rising seniors.” I have found out that a daily glance at either Web site can prove beneficial. With FastWeb and the Ventures Scholars Program I would read one article per week and I have concluded that this schedule given my other extra-curricular activities, is in accordance to maintaining my academic standing and having a STRESS-FREE senior year. The great thing is that this is my schedule and personal preference. It could vary and may change for the next. The next senior or rising senior could be reading two or three articles per week. Whatever you choose, my advice is to utilize all aspects of these sites because they are out there to help you succeed.


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