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Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Health Care
By Rahel B., a High School Ventures Scholar from Pennsylvania

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of participating in the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Health Care (PGSHC). Since childhood, I have wanted to become a doctor. I thought I knew a great deal about the field of medicine because of my volunteer and internship experiences at various hospitals. By going to PGSHC, I now realize how much more there is to learn about the health care system. During this program, I learned about many of the great advantages and disturbing disadvantages of managed health care. I also studied local and worldwide health care systems. I was thrilled with the simulation labs where I could actually check my classmates’ blood pressures and heart rates (just like doctors and nurses!). Shadowing health care workers during the program opened my eyes to the joys and complexities of a variety of health care professions.

One of the greatest lessons I learned during my experience is that doctors and nurses aren’t the only professionals who make up the health care system. There are many careers I have never heard of in the medical field that are crucial for making hospitals function properly. For example, we had a presentation about music therapy that was fascinating. Our presenter told us about a woman who was terrified of anesthesia. She asked a music therapist to sing with her during her surgery instead so she could remain conscience. By concentrating on singing with the musical therapist, she didn’t feel the pain of the surgical procedure! All in all, I learned that there are other careers that have just as much of a positive effect on patients as doctors and nurses do.

PGSHC was an amazing learning experience both educationally and socially. Educationally, I have learned an endless amount about health care and how the system functions. Socially, I have learned to consider other peoples’ belongings and schedules. After all, sharing one bathroom with nine girls and a tiny dorm room with three girls required me to alter my schedule many a time! If only there could be a PGSHC for graduating seniors (perhaps with extra bathrooms).


courtesy of Saint Michael's College
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