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Goals and Dreams
By Rose K., a High School Ventures Scholar from Texas

Ever since I was four years old I have wanted to be a pediatrician due to my love of children. When my mother was a young girl she had dreams of becoming a medical doctor but her family was not behind her 100% of the way. She could not fulfill her dream but she came close by becoming a nurse. Now that she has me and knows what my goals are, she is focusing all her energy and support towards that goal.

My dream is to become a medical doctor one day. I want to serve the community. My parents have done a large amount of great achievements in their lives but I want to exceed them. I want to be able to pay them back for all they are doing right now for me and take care of them in their old age.

I am a people person. I like to meet new people and experience new things. I have a way of making people open up and let out whatever it is that they are feeling inside. I am hardworking and I do not quit tasks simply because it is hard or challenging. I am a positive person. I do not like to give off negative vibes. First impressions last forever. I see a glass of water as being half full, not half empty. I like to consider the positive and negative consequences of a situation, before and after. I learn from other peoples’ mistakes; that way I am not a likely victim. I do worry, sometimes, about the little things in life. According to my mother, I can never keep my room up to her standards. Those are some flaws of mine.

As a whole, it will always be my dream to become a medical doctor someday. When I become a doctor, I will be fulfilling the dreams of both my mother and me. I know the road will be rough, but I have my family behind me and my ambitions to keep me going.


courtesy of Saint Michael's College
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