Preparing for Intermediate School

Intermediate or middle school is often different from elementary school. In elementary schools, students usually have the same teacher. However, in intermediate or middles school. your brothers and sisters will have to learn how to adjust to different teachers for each subject area. Your brothers and sisters will also need to learn how to manage their time, strengthen their study skills and much more. These sites provide assistance for your intermediate or middle school brothers and sisters. Take some time to review their homework and make sure they are on track!

A Math Site: A Learning Site for Middle School Students
This site links students to a list of great math sites.

A Language Arts Website: A Learning Site for Middle School Students
This site links students to a list of great language arts sites.

Using the Internet for School Reports
Before you use information from the Internet in your school reports, it is important that you know a little bit about where that information comes from. Some information on the Internet is very useful and may help you find just what you need. Other information might be false or give you the wrong idea about something. Use the tips listed here to help you figure out whether you should use the information that you find to do your school report

Quick: Quality Information Check List
Here are eight ways of checking information on web sites.

Welcome to Your Life!
Anything is possible. The best time to begin planning for an education after high school is in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Think College Early is here to help you take a look at your choices. Click on student section.

Preparing for High School
Find out what you need to do to prepare for education beyond high school. Education beyond high school can give you choices that may not otherwise be possible, open doors to better paying positions, and give you the opportunity to do the things you enjoy most. By advancing your education, you can expand your possibilities and increase your career choices.

Yahooligans! is a guide for Web surfers ages 7 to 12 divided into various subject areas like art, computers, and science. There is also a section linking to a number of sites offering homework help.

Middle School Hub
This site is a free online interactive learning center for middle school students


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