2005 Parent Feedback

The Ventures Scholars Program provided an end-of-year survey to parents/guardians of Ventures Scholars. Parents/guardians provided the following information:

Ventures Scholars Program Biweekly E-Newsletter
Here’s what some of the parents/guardians of Ventures Scholars said about the biweekly e-newsletter:

  • The e-newsletter has been extremely helpful. Though my son makes excellent grades, goes to a great high school and has scored extremely high on standardized tests, I am working two jobs and have very little time to keep up with what deadlines etc. are approaching. I would have had no opportunity to attend the counselors programs etc. as I work from 9:00 a.m. on the first job until 10:00 p.m. on my second job on weekdays. The newsletter alerts me as to what to expect regarding deadlines scholarships etc. and when to expect them.
  • The Venture Scholars Program has been very helpful to my child. She was able to seek information about scholarships and information to help her prepare for the ACT. Thanks a lot.
  • Yes, very helpful. There is an incredible amount of useful information related to college choices, scholarships, careers, college application assistance, and on and on. I'm sure it was a contributing factor for my son getting into [a member institution], that he was a Ventures Scholar. I've saved all the e-mails and attachments so I can refer back to them.
  • The newsletters help to keep us focused and pass along very useful information - wonderful links. It gives a kind of "heads up" as to what we should be considering, and keeps us on track. Many careers and schools we wouldn't have considered have been introduced to us through both the newsletter and the website. Thanks!!
  • The VSP newsletter has been very helpful in the areas of the college entrance process, financial/scholarship aid, career paths in the sciences, and it provided first-hand information on member institutions.
  • High school has been very challenging for my child, and I have appreciated receiving the bi-weekly newsletters as reminders of the tasks other than studying that are necessary for future success. It has been wonderful to read the questions and answers other students and parents have. I especially like the idea of the buddy system, that identified students in college and allowed current high school students to ask questions.
  • The newsletter has absolutely been helpful, especially the helpful hints about the college process. Since I didn't go to college, it helped me be able to guide my daughter better.
  • Yes, they have been very helpful with reminders of deadlines regarding college materials. They also prepared us for what we could expect and instructed us on what to look out for regarding the college entry process.
  • Your newsletter has helped my daughter (high school senior) and me in many ways. It has provided us helpful information about colleges, careers, financial aid, etc. I cannot think of anything that I have not read about on the newsletter. The information is very precise and it covers a wide variety of subjects pertaining high school students in general.
  • I am an Hispanic parent that cares a lot for kids well being. And your organization has helped very, very much. You taught us things that I or my son never knew.. keep up the good work. My son is finishing up is junior year, and is very happy... He still has a ways to go, but he looks forward on being a senior. We still ask for your help. Because choosing a college for my son is going to be a bit hard, but Venture Scholars has helped. Thanks again for your most great help.
  • I feel you are doing an outstanding job with the information you provide to both, students and parents, via the e-newsletter. I enjoy the articles and appreciate the information provided regarding upcoming college information sessions and how to handle certain situations with your children.
  • The VSP biweekly e-newsletter has been a tremendous help to me and my family. Without you informing us we would not be aware of the additional information that is out there. We are well informed and knowledgeable of what is available for our son.
    · The newsletter has been extremely helpful. I can't tell you how many times I've had to refer to it for advice topics ranging from financial aid to how to study for physics. The Venture Scholars Program and newsletters were a superb compliment to my daughter's hard work.
  • Yes, the biweekly e-newsletter has been very helpful. I look forward to receiving it. I read it thoroughly. It has assisted me in many ways. I have found summer programs for my son to apply to. I have found the information about what he should be doing now, to be particularly helpful. Because of the information in that column, it made me realize that my son should look into taking the SAT Subject tests as he is finishing the courses. He is now registered to take the SAT Subject Test for World History.
  • I've enjoyed getting the newsletter in my inbox. It keeps the college process in the forefront of my mind when I see it and read it. Very helpful articles and links to scholarship information and various schools/programs that my daughter is interested in.

VSP Web Site
Many parents/guardians take advantage of the VSP Web site since there are links to hundreds of college and career planning resources. Here’s what some of the parents/guardians said about the VSP Web site:

  • The web site has and still is helpful to me. I go on it at least twice a month, to see what else I can use to help myself and others. Some of my relatives and friends are not members of this program, but I use what I have learned from the website to help them.
  • The website is wonderful. I believe that I use the information more than my daughter. This really helped me decide on the school for my daughter, being able to see the scholarship programs, upcoming events, academic insight, etc. This was probably our most used site during the college search.
  • The VSP web site is an outstanding e-tool for high school students and their parents to use when they want to find out just about anything regarding college. We used it primarily for researching financial aid and scholarship information.
  • The website has been a helpful reminder that your organization stood behind her and was there to help. That was really important.
  • There are questions answered that many students are asking. The information provided is informative and useful.
  • It has been a great source for colleges that have her major and also for financial aid process.
  • Yes, the web site is also very helpful. It is very resourceful. You can find information for most topics regarding high school, college and math and science related fields. It is user friendly too. I don't know of any thing else you could possibly add to the web site. It is great!!!
  • We were able to get clarification on services offered and information on participating schools.
  • Yes it has, especially when he was getting ready for his exams, and SAT's.
  • I have also utilized your website searching for different topics. It is user friendly and fairly easy to navigate. College information sessions, scholarships, internships are always good information to have. My daughter has read many articles from your website.
  • The links offered via the web were invaluable. It was a real time saver when it came to searches. With a simple click, I could get tons of information on different topics I needed to get familiarized during the application process.
  • The VSP Web Site is also helpful with information that is needed to further our son education. With 3 more children rising up to the challenge, the information we have received from VSP will benefit them also.
  • Yes, it helped us research schools and gave us contact information. When my son's first choice school was listed, we contacted the person listed. She waived his application fee and had us send his application to her directly. Not only will he be attending this school in the fall, but also he received a $50,000 scholarship from them.
  • The website is in my favorite folder, and I click on it often.

Additional Comments
The Ventures Scholars Program asked parents/guardians to share additional feedback about the Program. Here’s what the parents/guardians said about the Program:

  • In dealing with a teenager, sometimes it's better to show them rather than tell them about how they need to prepare for college. Many times, I have printed out articles, suggestions and comments from different VSP sources to share with Terrence. This has helped us both tremendously.
  • I think it helped him gain confidence in realizing he has the potential to do many different things in his life. At this point I believe it has helped him gain entry into an excellent university and I think it will continue to help him as he thinks more about various careers.
  • We feel that the VSP was helpful in many areas. However, the certificate that you sent was of particular importance. It was included in each of her applications. She was accepted at every university that she applied to. Most of them had a minority contact to which she was immediately assigned to. This was really helpful.
  • The Venture Scholar program helped my daughter, who just completed her freshman year, to select [a member institution] as her choice for undergraduate matriculation. She also obtained a presidential scholarship and other financial assistance in order to make her choice a reality. Our second child is now a rising senior and he too is utilizing VSP to assist with his collegiate endeavors.
  • My son was accepted to a program at [a member institution] for minority students interested in engineering and was able to attend it in February. Again, I stress that someone with my schedule would have had no way of even knowing the program existed. I found out about the program through the newsletter. My son had assumed that it would be too expensive to fly there. My wife and I were more than happy to do whatever needed to be done for him to get that experience.
  • I am grateful for the program. I feel I receive timely information to help my child prepare for college. The program has exceeded my expectations. We are still overwhelmed with the decisions that we must make, but this site has provided much needed support.
  • The program allows us the opportunity to access valuable information from the comfort of our home and points use in the direction we want to take.
  • My son was admitted to the college of his dreams. Thanks to the Venture Scholars Program, he will be attending [a member institution]. He was introduced to this college through the VSP newsletter or a special announcement. He applied to the prospective student weekend, visited the campus last November, and decided to apply for early admission. He was accepted and of course he is very thankful to the VSP for helping him to connect with [a member institution]. He never would have considered Swarthmore without the VSP because he didn't know about it.
  • It helped to be practically hand held through the whole process and for my daughter to have access to peers reviews of colleges/majors and helpful hints for admissions.
  • In general, Ventures Scholars Program has helped given my daughter a better idea of what her science and math careers options were. She excelled in these areas but was unsure of what a career in these concentrations would be like. The Ventures Scholars Seminar at City College placed her around people who were actually working in the fields she dreamed about. She was able to ask questions and listen to what the experts in these fields presented. She was impressed and from then on seriously pursued a career in the engineering field.
  • The Ventures Scholars Program has helped my daughter and I comprehend a lot about how to become a successful student in high school. It has also given me tips and advice on how to help and support my daughter so she can be a great student.
  • The program has made us aware of the different programs and opportunities available to the students and parents that are navigating through the college admission process.
  • Because we were able to get information on what schools would waive the application fee, we applied to schools we otherwise would not have. We ultimately decided on a Venture college that offered exactly what we were looking for. We then enrolled my nephew.
  • Our son gained more independence and maturity with his experience in the summer ventures program. He is a very responsible person, and very focused. The program is a good start for the students to learn about college life experiences.
  • It has helped us enormously. Please continue to comb through the overwhelming number of resources available on the internet and provide students and parents what I found to be only the best information. I credit the venture scholars Program and the resources it offers with assisting my daughter in deciding on a career and being accepted to a great college to pursue her dreams. Thank you again.
  • We listed that he was a Ventures Scholar on every application. When we tried to contact schools just via email, we had little response. When we said he was a Venture Scholar and used the website's contact, we got an immediate response.
  • First, I think it helps my son self-esteem to know that he was chosen. It helps to add that to his resume. It helps me to have a place to reference in answering many of the questions I have in regards to my son's educational aspirations.
  • My son was accepted to a program at Penn. State University for minority students interested in engineering and was able to attend it in February. Again, I stress that someone with my schedule would have had no way of even knowing the program existed.
  • I was reluctant to sign up as there are so many programs out there that are fakes and out to make money on unsuspecting families. I thought that this might be one of them. After many e-mails, I finally allowed my daughter to sign up. I have been very happy with the caliber and thoroughness of the information. It's an excellent resource, especially for those of us who don't have the advantage - connections, personal experience - of knowing how to make the most of this whole experience. Thank you!
  • Something I found very helpful from the Venture Scholars e-mail was the "College Information Session" telling us about colleges that are going to be in our area. Being a novice at this I think it is wonderful and timely information for my high school junior.

Suggestions for Ventures Scholars Program
The Ventures Scholars Program asked parents/guardians how we could improve the program. Here’s the feedback from the parents/guardians:

  • An article about no-loan colleges would be VERY helpful and insightful for many….including in the article about how low a family's income needs to be to be eligible for a no-loan, grant only education.
  • I would like to see individual success stories on current and former Venture Scholar participants.
  • One topic I'd like to see is budgeting/money-wise tips for the undergraduate. I'll lend my services to write the first article.
  • Would like to see more specific programs (such as the latest nursing one) and scholarships one can apply for with information on who qualifies and/or how one qualifies. Especially in relation to women in math and engineering.
  • If this information is available, I would like to know if colleges usually make determinations of the number of full or partial scholarships they will grant to a certain number of students from a particular high school.
  • If you can, please include the colleges that give scholarships to National Hispanic Scholars and African American Scholars from the College Board. This would really help in the college searches!
  • more specific scholarships and programs for engineering and science, especially in relation to a graduate in 2006 as a math and engineering major.
  • More specific information on scholarships would be nice. Although we did get enough information, this was lengthy and complex. Sometimes it was also outdated. The VS could add information for freshman and sophomores about what to expect in the years to come, for example, what schools are looking for. A section for them sort of "ask the college counselors" could be nice. I know that some parents are taking their children to private college counselors to prepare their freshman for college. Since most of us readers could not afford to do this, the site would be a great way to help parents.
  • I would like to read additional information from veterans parents and their child who have being using the VSP program and how this program has help or has played a role in their child(ren) future.
  • 1. Resume/Areas of Interest posting of the kids so that the university/colleges partners could review and contact the kids directly. 2. More direct interaction between the university/college partners and the students 3. Some sort of conference/summer program where the kids could get together/meet and have the university/college partners there also.



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