Accessing Resources

Resources for Counselors and Educators
Guidance counselors and educators can access a variety of resources through the Ventures Scholars Program.

Monthly Bulletin

Guidance counselors and educators receive a monthly e-bulletin that provides information about the Ventures Scholars, consortium members, and information about the college and career planning process.

VSP Web Site
The Web site provides information about resources and opportunities that will help Ventures Scholars successfully pursue math- and science-based careers. Click here to link to the VSP Resource Center that provides information to helps high school students with the college and career planning process.

VSP Consortium Members
Counselors and educators can communicate with consortium members and learn about undergraduate, graduate and professional school opportunities as well as programs and opportunities offered by professional associations and organizations. Periodically, the Ventures Scholars Program will email information about our members so that you can learn about math- and science career pathways, open houses, and much more!

  • Click here to contact our undergraduate institution members.
  • Click here to contact our professional association members.
  • Click here to contact our graduate/professional school members.

Biweekly E-Newsletter
Counselors and educators can also receive the Ventures Scholars' biweekly e-newsletter. Share the e-newsletter information with students and colleagues. Please remember to complete the on-line registration form.

Resources for Ventures Scholars
High school and undergraduate Ventures Scholars receive a variety of free services when they register with the Ventures Scholars Program.

  • Click here to learn about the free resources offered to high school Ventures Scholars.
  • Click here to learn about the free resources offered to undergraduate Ventures Scholars.



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