About the President

Maxine Bleich, President, Ventures In Education, Inc. has over thirty years’ experience working with leaders in medical education, higher education, public education (K-12), government, and private philanthropy to increase the number of minority students (African American, American Indian, Mainland Puerto Rican, and Mexican American) who successfully pursue careers in medicine, the related health professions, science, mathematics, engineering, and technology.

Parallel to establishing the Ventures Scholars Program, VIE managed a group of 45 poorly performing high schools in rural urban settings nation-wide that turned student performance so that 95% of the program graduates (some 2,000 each year) enrolled in the most competitive colleges from Harvard to Berkeley and were accepted to medical school at a 13% rate greater than their peers applying to medical schools. As an outgrowth of this experience, VIE created the Ventures Initiative and Focus student-centered system of teaching and learning. This system is the basis of the education consulting services provided by Ventures Education Systems Corporation to schools K-12 nationwide and in Puerto Rico.


  Maxine Bleich
President, Ventures In Education, Inc.
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