Association and Organization Membership

The Ventures Scholars Program provides professional associations and organizations with a variety of opportunities to share important information with Ventures Scholars, Ventures Scholars' family members, and guidance counselors. Professional associations and organizations can use the Ventures Scholars Program to:

  • cultivate relationships with high school and undergraduate Ventures Scholars so they can better understand the academic requirements needed to pursue math- and science-based careers,
  • offer information about programs, seminars, internships, fellowships, scholarships, financial aid resources, research opportunities, and support programs,
  • provide career- and college-related information to guidance counselors and educators at public and private high schools, and
  • share information with Ventures Scholars' families about math- and science career pathways and the resources available to help Ventures Scholars pursue their career goals.



courtesy of Pomona College
"Our association is crazy about your program and is encouraging our partnerships to get involved." –A Consortium Member


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