The Ventures Scholars Program is a national nonprofit membership program designed to promote access to higher education for young adults interested in pursuing math- and science-based careers.

The Ventures Scholars Program targets high achieving underrepresented* students and first-generation college-bound* students and invites them to join the Ventures Scholars Program.

As Ventures Scholars, they are provided with the academic recognition, information, and resources needed to successfully reach their career goals. This is accomplished, in part, through the collaborative relationship formed by the Ventures Scholars Program with a nationwide consortium of undergraduate colleges and universities, professional schools, graduate schools, professional associations, and organizations. Member institutions and associations are provided with opportunities to recruit, enroll, and prepare participating Ventures Scholars for undergraduate and graduate studies, and ultimately careers in these professions.

Ventures Scholars are also provided with a variety of informative resources to help them learn about the college and career planning process.

Ventures Scholars are invited to utilize the Ventures Scholars Program services at the high school and undergraduate levels.

Click here to view the high school Ventures Scholar demographics.

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*A first-generation college-bound student is a student whose parents/guardians had no education beyond high school. Race and ethnicity are not factors.

*An underrpresented student is those racial and ethnic populations African Americans/Blacks, Hispanics/Latinos/as, American Indians/Native Americans or Alaskan Natives) that are underrepresented in the math and science professions relative to their numbers in the general population.


courtesy of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
"Being one of your Scholars has given both of my children a great sense of achievement. They take pride in identifying themselves as a Ventures Scholar in their graduation forms, their resumes, their college, scholarship and employment applications, and other similar informational documents."
–A Ventures Scholar Parent
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